That’s Creative Podcast!

At PopUp Painting we believe that everybody is innately creative. All people need is the right encouragement, guidance and opportunity.

With that in mind, in lockdown of 2020 we launched That’s Creative! A new podcast exploring the lives of some fantastically creative people. Our guests range from entrepreneurs to artists to campaigners and researchers.

Happy listening!

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  • Rosie Hill - That's Creative! December 29, 2021
    Creative activities have a strong reputation for being calming and relaxing. We were lucky to sit and talk to Rosie Hill about her experience from being an artist to her adventures at music festivals and discovering all about her retreats. So what does artist, yoga, and meditation leader Rosie Hill have to say about it […]
  • Jarelle Francis - That's Creative! December 29, 2021
    How does someone go about curating an exhibit? How do you find the right artists for your show? Gain a fantastic insight into how to go all about curating in the art world. In this episode, we spoke to exhibition curator and Green politician Jarelle Francis about art, work, and politics. Thank you Enjoy!
  • Tom Blackford - That's Creative! May 27, 2021
    Where does street art come from? What’s it all about? What’s within the law and what’s not? In this episode we spoke to street artist Tom Blackford (tag Inkfetish), and he answered all your burning questions about this edgy art form. Tom’s a practicing street artist and designer. He talked us through the way he […]
  • Flo Broughton - That's Creative! February 26, 2021
    One of the exciting things about being involved in a small business like PopUp painting is being able to meet other people in similar positions. A few years ago at one of our events we met Flo Broughton, founder of ChocOnChoc. ChocOnChoc is a family business, making quirky and delicious handmade chocolates. From chocolate paintbrushes […]
  • Iain Baker - That's Creative! February 26, 2021
    What’s financial control got to do with creativity? Turns out the answer is a lot. In this episode we spoke to Iain Baker, Finance Director of PopUp Painting. His experience crosses across industries and continents: Iain shared his experience working for airplane manufacturers, life in South Africa, and what it’s like being a glider pilot!
  • Max Cotton - That's Creative! January 20, 2021
    We first met Max at his PE For Grown Up sessions with WeWork - and he really put us through our paces! Max has extensive experience as a personal trainer. He talked to us about making exercise fun and accessible, and the creative thought process needed in designing workouts. We also learnt about how he’s […]
  • Rebecca Hunter - That's Creative! January 19, 2021
    How do artists make a living these days? Rebecca Hunter talked us through her fascinating experience in this episode. We learnt all about how artists get started in their careers, how they increasingly work together in ‘collectives’, and how being a painter is so often just one part of a creative’s portfolio of work. Rebecca […]
  • Phyllissa Shelton - That's Creative! September 11, 2020
    In episode 1 of That’s Creative, we talk to Phyllissa Shelton - founder of PopUp Painting & Events. Phyllissa came to the creative industries after a long career in health service management and innovation. We asked her about her experience traversing these very different industries. We learnt about the challenges she’s faced, the skills she’s […]
  • 6 - Charlotte - 52 Convo January 23, 2020
    Past job experiences, Swimming, being trapped in a box and of course cats are discussed in this chat with Charlotte. Get passed all that and discover what Charlotte's new hobby is.
  • 5 - Dina - 52 Convo January 23, 2020
    With many jobs under her belt find out what Dina eventually wanted to do for a living. How she stays in touch with her friends and her number one place she would love to go to!
  • 4 - Jenny E - 52 Convo January 23, 2020
    Discover why Jenny did Fine Art and why at one point the police had to be called in. Laugh at her best drunken moments and what is one of her fun experiences to do now.
  • 3 - Wyland - 52 Convo January 23, 2020
    Discover why Wyland had to change his name, how he makes his very different jewelry and what this accomplished artist has self published.
  • 2 - Kevin - 52 Convo January 23, 2020
    Find out about Why Kevin has a masters in Ethics, the weirdest thing that has happened to Kevin whilst out canvasing. Plus his big plans for 2019!