Our Team

PopUp Painting events are led by local artists who are experts not just in their trade, but in entertainment and organisational development. In addition, they are supported by a team with expertise in management, innovation and training. PopUp Painting’s team includes:


Phyllissa Shelton, Founder and Managing Director- Not an artist or art enthusiast by background, Phyllissa’s career is rooted in health service innovation and change management.

Gareth Lewis, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing. Not an artist by background, Gareth holds a Masters in Political Economy of Europe, and wrote his dissertation on Populism and Social Democracy.

Iain Baker, Finance Director – Iain’s career is built on an engineering background with aerospace project management experience, which developed into business transformation and process change & optimisation – so nothing to do with art!

Chris Brophy, Non Exec Director – Chris is a commercial lawyer with a particular interest in solving problems for the third sector and the public sector. He worked at the Law Firm Capsticks, which is a specialist healthcare law firm, where he spent 24 years specialising in social business and working with charities and public sector organisations. He joins the PopUp Painting team to play a key role supporting our board.


Majella Dowdican, Artist – Majella manipulates the material qualities of objects so that they can represent ideas. From there they are installed in exhibition places so that they can take on a new dimension with audience engagment. In addition, Majella provides marketing support to PopUp Painting. You can view her website here.


Wyland Tondelier, Artist & Ops Lead – Wyland uses a range of mediums for his art – sketches, paintings, and even T-Shirt design! Wyland’s T-Shirts are designed with scissors – take a look here! He’s also a speed painter – doing live shows where he either cuts a shirt or paints a canvas with an audience!

Annie Dalton, Artist & Marketing Manager – Annie loves to create art with all sorts of mediums from pencils to spray paint, though Watercolour is her favourite. Her work predominantly depicts animal related imagery interpreted with a healthy dose of subversive humour. See her work here.

Jess Cheetham, Artist & Ops Lead – Jess is a North London mixed media artist who specializes in body painting for performance, transforming the body into ‘living art’ and becoming something the audience can interact with. Also, an abstract intuitive painter, acrylic on canvas; the relationship between music, performance, and art is at the core of her process.

George Dunkerton,
Business Operations & Ops Lead – George has an art degree and a history of tea blending, with experience running a variety of tasting events in London. He believes in creativity being good for the mind, and a good cuppa (or glass of wine) doesn’t hurt either!

Sara Twomey, Artist & Ops Lead – Sara is a self-taught painter. After completing a Degree in Fine Arts she taught at East London Uni and Colleges teaching Art in the Pupil Referral Units for kids with challenging behavior. She also worked at Science Ltd as an artist-fabricator and was the studio assistant manager to the artist Damien Hirst.

Surya de Wit, Artist – Wit is best known for her portraiture in which she incorporates a variety of unconventional materials with an aim to create a sense of tangibility to the audience. Her work is characterized by her vibrant melody of colours and materials that are used cohesively to create the atmosphere and portrait that she wants to depict. See her work here

Lawrence Crane,
Artist – Lawrence is an Artist and Scenic Artist based in London. He uses a combination of traditional and contemporary methods working from both life and photography to find a story behind the subject he works from. See his artwork here.

Rosie Hill,
Artist & Ops Lead – Rosie trained at Loughborough University as a sculptor, working predominantly with large scale multi Media sculptures and installations. She now runs her own Henna Tattoo and Wellbeing Events business,  you can see her work here

Alexandra Unger,
Artist & Ops Lead – Alexandra is a children’s book illustrator and portraitist working mostly with watercolours. She is Swedish but was raised in Italy and has been living in London since 2003. You can view her work on here.

Katie Sturges,
Artist – Katie is classically trained in Florence and London, she works in oils with a focus on portraiture. Katie, also host art retreats abroad, various weeks throughout the year. Find out more here and here

Andrew Sales, Artist & Ops Lead – Andrew holds a Master’s in creative practice from Leeds Arts University. He practices oil painting in London creating metaphorical, art history-inspired oil paintings. Andrew has also taught painting, created mural commissions, dabbled in set design, and exhibited widely across the UK. You can see his work here

Benedetta Fittipaldi, Artist and Ops Lead – Benedetta is an Expressionist Painter and 2D Animator Director originally from Italy based in London. Moved by her fascination for colour compositions and Storytelling. She creates works both abstract and figurative of vibrant, saturated hues, using a mix of media including acrylics, charcoal, spray, and oil pastels on canvas and paper. See her work here

Renata Fernandez Zarauza,
Artist & Ops Lead – Painting, drawing, sculpture and installation are Fernandez main means of artistic expressions. Fernandez has experience as an art tutor in different media and at all levels. For her, to afford others the opportunity of making, whatever brief or small, it’s very crucial for general well-being. In that sense, Fernandez it’s very happy to be part of the PopUp Painting team.  See her work here

Sophie Pyrell, Artist and Ops Lead – Sophie is an artist from Cheshire who has graduated with a painting degree from the Edinburgh College of Art.


Rebecca Hunter, Marketing Support – Rebecca was one of the first to join PopUp Painting back in 2003! Rebecca’s paintings are a combination of reality and imagination, giving her work a surreal and dream-like quality. She currently runs SoLo Craft Fair.

Hannah Judge, Artist & Ops Lead – Hannah was trained in classical portraiture in Florence. She mainly works with a limited oil palette in the traditions and materials of the old masters, exhibiting and completing commissions all over the country. See her work here

Jemima Watling, Artist and Ops Lead – Jemima is an actor and singer based in East London. She has a passion for all things creative and is currently studying for an MA in art history and curatorship.

Ngai Ning Yu, Artist and Ops Lead – Aining is a Fine Artist her work, including award-winning paintings has been exhibited in Hong Kong where she was born and raised, and in London where her practice is based. With her experience in teaching art and VR, she is highly passionate about continuing to share her love of painting with others! See her work here

Jalieka Campbell
, Path Manager – Jalieka is an Artist, her primary mediums being acrylic and oil paint. Her artworks are, often inspired by her own experiences, and aim to inspire joy, spirituality & reflectivity. You can see her work here. With a degree in Fashion Design & specialized skills in events that center on fashion and the arts, she’s produced & co-organized events worldwide.

Heather Foster, Artist & Ops Lead – Heather is a self-taught painter who has always had a deep love of the arts. She trained at The Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama for a degree in Acting and has since appeared on BBC, ITV, SKY, and on the West End. Heather creates a variety of artwork from paintings to clay sculptures to animations.

Lynsey Reilly, Artist – Lynsey studied Fine Art at university and continued to gain painting skills while working as a Scenic Artist for many years. She is now a Mural Artist and also paints bespoke artwork for weddings and events. You might have also seen her work across the UK on public art trails. See her work here.

Debbie Lord, Artist & Event Manager – Debbie is a successful surface pattern print designer. She designs bespoke patterns for bedding and fabrics. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors walking and enjoys upcycling projects for her garden.

Laura Coyne,
Artist – Laura is an artist working with painting and ceramics, exploring portraiture and the female form. She studied for her degree in Leeds and is currently studying for her MA in Fine Art in Manchester.

Toubie Jack,
Artist –  A South African born mural artist who has lived in Manchester for the past nine years and has enjoyed making it her business to deliver art sessions to children. Toubie enjoys finding new ways for children to have fun with paint. Her emphasis being on exploration and experimentation. See Toubie’s work here

Alice Diamond, Artist – Alice is a Manchester-based painter and installation artist with a Masters in Fine Art. Her work ranges from scenic landscapes to atmospheric projection mapping with sculpture. She also works as an art director on small independent films, creating set pieces and costumes as well as concepts and storyboards

Scarlet Mayer-Payne, Artist –  is an abstract painter, her work focuses on the gestural and the geometric and how these two can interact in a given space. She studied fine art at Aberystwyth University and graduated in 2021 with a first-class honors degree. Scarlet is passionate about community arts and making art accessible to all. She is a firm believer in the power of art to heal! See Scarlet’s work here

Anastasia Bondarchuk, Artist – Originally from Far East Russia and has been living in the UK for 9 years. She is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, experimenting with painting, dance, poetry, and music. She is inspired by change, new experiences, contradictions, mythology, Chinese and Japanese cultures, and nature. Sustainability plays a large part in her work.

Tina Richardson, Artist & Event Manager – Tina has been in arts education for over 30 years. She loves the fun and excitement of being creative with mixed media including, painting, digital, and sewing. Tina also has a performing arts background in dance.

Ruthe Clayden, Artist – Ruth is true Yorkshire lass. Trained in Manchester as a print-maker, but is now working in a children’s nursery and is Browine guide leader. She loves inspiring children though art and the great outdoors. She also has a small face painting business and enjoys making art that is thought provoking and has a message of change.

Emily Jayne Cant, Artist & Patch Manager – Emily’s art is inspired by the magic of the natural world. She creates vibrant and bright mural-style installations & paintings. The art pieces are designed to be beautiful and colourful, but with a wistful element that spreads a message about conservation. Emily’s work has previously been commissioned by Chester Zoo, House of Hackney, and Invisible Dust. See her work here.

Lauren Royall, Artist – Lauren is a practicing fine artist who primarily works in oil paint and enjoys using tactile, emotional processes rather than preconceptions or plans in her work. Through making expressive work, she explores injustices through the personal realm of individual experiences. Additionally, Lauren loves to run art classes where creating is utilized as art therapy, opening up conversations and bringing together groups/communities.

Eloise Green, Artist – Artist and musician based in Liverpool. Eloise studied fine art and darkroom photography and has a BMus in music. Eloise is currently focusing on painting collages with portrait/figure photography and songwriting. Placing herself as the subject matter, Eloise’s work explores the passage of time in which she expresses her world and thoughts onto canvas and song.

Jenna M Asker, Artist & Patch Manager – Originally from California and an artist for a lot of reasons. She won her first visual arts competition at the age of 5, was placed in local and state competitions as a teen and as an adult has had works displayed both publicly and privately in North America, Europe, and the U.k. Jenna’s work can be found here

Richard Mae Chua, Artist-  Richard paints realistic acrylic landscapes, people and animals, and charcoal portraits.  He is also a tattoo artist for both Asia Pacific’s traditional methods and modern machine procedures. He loves to learn about other people’s cultures as well as share his own. Richard’s work can be found here.

Emma Bullman, Artist & Ops Lead – After completing a BA in Theatre Design at NTU, she works as a Scenic Artist painting sets for Theatre, Film, and TV. Alongside that, she paints as a hobby using predominantly oil and watercolours with a love of capturing still life. She enjoys painting and illustrating the beautiful scenes of Cambridge. See her work here.