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10 Festive Things to do whilst Self Isolating this Christmas

This may be our strangest Christmas yet, and many of us will be homebound for a while before we can see our loved ones for the big day. So to stop you all rom getting bored, we’ve complied a list of activities to keep you occupied whilst self isolating for Christmas. Here’s our list of […]

The Best Ways to get your Creative Fix during Lockdown

Missing Art Galleries? The Theatre? Well never fear, we’ve made a list of the best ways to get your creative fix during Lockdown. The Tate Modern’s Andy Warhol Virtual Exhibition This is a great informative short video that discusses Warhol’s life and shows some of the pieces included in the exhibition. The Andy Warhol Exhibition […]

7 Paintings that sum up Life in Lockdown

Did these artists foresee Lockdown? Probably not, but we’re enjoying how apt they are for these strange times. Here’s 7 paintings that sum up life in lockdown. Edvard Munch – The Scream Enough said. But please note the social distancing between the front and back figures. Vincent Van Gogh – Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear […]