Privacy Policy

PopUp Painting believes that your privacy is important, and is committed to keeping your personal information safe and ensuring it is used properly.

This policy page explains our privacy practices: what we collect, how and where we store it, and what we do with it. It refers to data collected, stored and used by PopUp Painting and the London Art Bar (both registered under PopUp Painting & Events Ltd, 08371564).

The very, very brief summary

When you book with us your information is processed through Eventbrite (read more about their terms here) and then through our custom guest-management tool powered by Zoho Creator (read more about their terms here). This information is used for producing our guest lists and for contacting you relating to any changes that may occur to your event.

If you opt to join one of our mailing lists (marketing communication), either through a sign up or feedback form at an event you attend, through opting in when booking, or through an online form on our website or social media, your information is processed through Mailchimp (read more about their terms here).

To modify your details or opt-out of future marketing communication, please write to, modify your details on the signup form or click unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails. Mailing lists for PopUp Painting and The London Art Bar are stored separately. Opting into one does not mean that you will be opted into the other, and likewise unsubscribing from one will not automatically unsubscribe you from the other.

We may also use your details to follow up with you after an event to ensure the quality of the experience, and to raise any issues that we are made aware of.

The Identifiable Information That We Collect

When you access, our servers log traffic/session information from your device, such as your users agent and Internet Protocol Address. We also collect information about your activity on, such as the duration of your visit, what you click on, and for how long you visit each page.

In addition to this data, when booking we collect the following information from you: 

  • For guest-list and booking and contact information:
    • Your name and name of any guests joining you
    • Your email address
    • Your telephone number
  • For billing information: 
    • Your address
    • Your payment details, which will be handled through Eventbrite, PayPal, or a ticketing partner (if you are booking through a third party)

When signing up to one of our mailing lists, we will also ask for your birthday and Instagram @ (these are completely optional).

What Do We Do With Identifiable Information?

We use the personal information we collect and receive to run our website and mailing lists, enabling the website’s tools, and to study and analyse the performance of our website and user’s activities. We also use this information to provide support, and to measure activity for pricing purposes, and to review what themes are offered where.

If you have shared your information with us for a booking for an event we will use this information where necessary to produce guest-lists for our events, which will be shared with our operational teams for your event, and we may use your contact details (email address, telephone number) to contact you about your event (reminders, changes to events).

If you opt in to our mailing list, either by opting in at the time of booking or by signing up on a sign up or feedback form at one of our events, we may use your information to send you photos from your event and newsletters and special offers about upcoming events.

We may use your identifiable information to enforce our terms, policies and legal agreements, to comply with court orders and warrants, and assist law enforcement agencies. 

We may also use your identifiable information to contact you regarding the quality of our events. Other than in exceptional circumstances, this will take the form of one single post-event email inviting you to raise any issues or share any feedback.

We are committed to processing your personal information solely for the purposes described in this policy.

Sharing Identifiable Information with Others

We do not sell, rent, or lease your personally identifiable information. We may share your identifiable information with service providers, if necessary, to fulfil the purposes for collecting the information, provided that any such third party will commit to protect your privacy as required under the applicable law and this policy. These primarily include, but are not limited to: Eventbrite (where you will buy your tickets), Mailchimp (who process our mailing lists), Google Analytics and Squarespace (who power our analytics), Gmail (who power our inbox), and PayPal (who handle payment when you purchase a gift voucher).

We may report any content and share user information if we believe that such content is illegal or abusive or may violate and third-party rights.

Additionally, a merge, acquisition or any other structural change may require us to transfer your personal information to another entity, provided that the receiving entity will comply with this policy.

We also receive a number of bookings from various third party ticketing partners, including, but not limited to: Obby, ClassBento, Yuup. Bookings guests make through those partners will be in line with their terms and conditions and privacy policy. PopUp Painting does not share any guest information originating from or our Eventbrite platform with third parties.

Aggregated and Analytical Information

We use standard analytics tools. The privacy practices of these tools are subject to their own privacy policies and they may use their own cookies to provide their service (see ‘Cookies’ below for further information).

You can see the privacy policy of Google Analytics, our primary analytics tool, here. You can also see Squarespace, who host the website for and provide analytics for the London Art Bar here.

We use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information and may share it with our partners for legitimate business purposes. It has no effect on your privacy, because there is no reasonable way to extract data from the aggregated information that can be associated with you. We will share your identifiable information only subject to the terms of this policy, or subject to your prior consent.

Your Choice

At any time, you may unsubscribe from our mailing lists or newsletters, by sending us an opt out-request to or by using the unsubscribe options in the footage of all marketing materials sent to you.

We request and collect minimal personal details that we need for the purposes described in this policy. Please see the data retention section in this policy.

If you wish to receive or review a copy of your personal information which is held by us, you have the right to request and we will send it to you. We may charge you a data handling fee which will not exceed the maximum amount permitted by law in the UK.

Accessing Your Personal Information

At any time you may contact us at and request to access the identifiable information that we keep about you and to verify the accuracy of the data. We may need to ask you to provide certain credentials to make sure that you are who you claim you are.

If you find that your information is not accurate then please provide us with the necessary information to correct it. We will make good-faith efforts to locate the data that you request to access. Note that we may need to ask you to provide us certain credentials to make sure that you are who you claim you are, and ask you questions to better understand the nature and scope of data that you request to access.

We may redact from the data which we will make available to you, including any personal information relating to others.

Data Retention

We retain different types of information for different periods, depending on the purposes for processing the information, our legitimate business purposes as well as pursuant to legal requirements under the applicable law.

For example, we may need to keep the information about the payment transactions that you made for several years due to tax related requirements, for accounts settling, record keeping, archiving, and legal issues.

We may keep aggregated non-identifiable information without limitation, and to the extent reasonable we will delete or de-identify potentially identifiable information, when we no longer need to process the information.

In any case, as long as you hold a booking with PopUp Painting, we will keep information about you, unless we are required by law to delete it or if we decide to remove it at our discretion.

Transfer of Data Outside Your Territory

PopUp Painting may store and process information in various sites throughout the globe, including in sites operated and maintained by cloud based service providers on sites in the United States, for example Mailchimp and Eventbrite. If you are a resident in a jurisdiction where transfer of your personal information to another jurisdiction requires your consent, then you provide us your express and unambiguous consent to such transfer.


Cookies are packets of information sent to your web browser and then sent back by the browser each time it accesses the server that sent the cookie.

Some cookies are removed when you close your browser session. These are the “Session Cookies”. Some last for longer periods and are called “Persistent Cookies”.

We may use both types. We use Persistent Cookies to remember your log-in details and make it easier for you to log-in the next time you access the Data. We may use this type of cookies and Session Cookies for additional purposes, to facilitate the use of the data’s features and tools.

Every browser allows you to manage your cookies preferences. Please bear in mind that disabling cookies may complicate or even prevent you from using some areas of our website or certain features of our website.

Information Security

We and our hosting services implement systems, applications, and procedures to secure your personal information, to minimise the risks of theft, damage, loss of information, or unauthorised access or use of information.

These measures provide sound industry standard security. However, although we make efforts to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee that the Platform will be immune from any wrongdoings, malfunctions, unlawful interceptions or access, or other kinds of abuse and misuse. In the event of a breach PopUp Painting has protocols in place and will notify you without unnecessary delay in line with ICO recommendations.

The Tools We Use & Partners

  • Class Bento – ticketing partner. See privacy policy here
  • DesignMyNight – ticketing partner. See privacy policy here
  • Eventbrite – our primary ticketing platform. See privacy policy here
  • Facebook – social media and ads tool. See privacy policy here
  • Fever – ticketing partner. See privacy policy here
  • Google (Gmail, Drive, Ads, Analytics) – See privacy policies here
  • Instagram – social media and ads tool. See privacy policy here
  • Mailchimp – our mailing list. See privacy policy here
  • Obby – ticketing partner. See privacy policy here
  • PayPal – payment handler. See privacy policy here
  • Squarespace – platform for and analytics. See privacy policy here
  • Twitter – social media and ads tool. See privacy policy here
  • WordPress – platform for See privacy policy here
  • Yuup – ticketing partner. See privacy policy here
  • Zoho – tool for administering our bookings and operational management. See privacy policy here

Contact Us

Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at: for further information, FAO Gareth Lewis Shelton (Data Protection Officer).

This Privacy Policy was last updated August 2nd, 2022.