Our Team

PopUp Painting events are led by local artists who are experts not just in their trade, but in entertainment and organisational development. In addition, they are supported by a team with expertise in management, innovation and training. PopUp Painting’s team includes:


Phyllissa Shelton, Founder and Managing Director- Not an artist or art enthusiast by background, Phyllissa’s career is rooted in health service innovation and change management. PopUp Painting’s aim is to reinvent the art class as a social painting experience – making it accessible for everyone, regardless of experience or confidence.

Gareth Lewis, Co-Founder – Not an artist. Outside of PopUp Painting he is an avid reader and will soon be furthering his studies at the London School of Econonomics where he will be studying for his Masters in Political Economy.


Majella Dowdican, Artist & Marketing Support – Majella manipulates the material qualities of objects so that they can represent ideas. From there they are installed in exhibition places so that they can take on a new dimension with audience engagment. In addition, Majella provides marketing support to PopUp Painting. You can view her website here.


Miguel Galue, Artist- Miguel was born in Venezuela and now lives in London. His main outputs are sketches and portraits. His artistic interests are in depicting people and places. We first discovered Miguel at one of our Corporate Events! You can see more of Miguel’s work here, Miguel Likes to Draw.


Annie Dalton, Artist & Marketing Manager – Annie loves to create art with all sorts of mediums from pencils to spray paint, though Watercolour is her favorite. Her work predominantly depicts animal related imagery interpreted with a healthy dose of subversive humour. See her work here.


Wyland Tondelier, Artist – Wyland uses a range of mediums for his art – sketches, paintings, and even T-Shirt design! Wyland’s T-Shirts are designed with scissors – take a look here! He’s also a speed painter – doing live shows where he either cuts a shirt or paints a canvas with an audience!


Elizabeth Kennedy, Artist – Lizzie’s work mainly focuses on her visual arts practice, working in acrylics, oils, watercolours and photography.  She also works on cross media projects and collaborations between different art forms to create art that is accessible to a diverse range of people.

Lewis Campbell, Artist – Lewis has developed his style as an illustrator and fine artist, becoming an expert in a variety of media – from pen and ink drawings to large paintedHe has created a strong visual world that depicts dark details and intricate landscapes in his paintings and drawings.

Anna Tveritinova, Artist – Anna enjoys experimenting with different media on paper, wood and canvas to explore mood, ambiguity and potential narratives in ordinary places and situations. Her works begin with observation of the everyday and are later developed using memory, self reflection and personal experience. See her work here.


Kate Southwell, Business Support – Profile coming soon.

Iain Baker, – Profile coming soon

Charlotte Ellinas, Artist and Events & Marketing Assistant – Charlotte has been drawing and painting her entire life. She mostly creates portraits of her favorite public figures using a variety of different media. She brings a strong sense of lively fun to her work.

Eliza Tamas, West London Operational Lead –

Joelle Avelino, Artist – Joelle is a Illustrator and Artist. She works with both traditional and digital methods of drawing and painting, inspired by music, her African heritage, phenomenal women and everyday life. Check out more of her work here

Tom Blackford, Artist – Tom is an illustrator and graffiti artist. He’s runs a mural company based in London called Mighty Murals. You can view more of Tom’s artwork here.


Rebecca Hunter – Rebecca was one of the first to join PopUp Painting back in 2003! Rebecca’s paintings are a combination of reality and imagination, giving her work a surreal and dream-like quality. She currently runs SoLo Craft Fair.

Rob Conway, Artist – As an illustrator, Rob has produced work for national magazines, as well as design for costume, theater and books. In recent years work has moved into art education, working with a number of art galleries and schools both nationwide and internationally in the hope of creating the next generation of artists.

Sue Gutrie, Operational lead – Sue became an artist through a lack of imagination – she couldn’t see herself doing anything else! She creates work to commission for commercial and healthcare settings. She works mostly with acrylics and also enjoys running workshops and sharing her enthusiasm with the next generation.

Charlie Kirkham, Artist –

Michelle Shore, Artist – Michelle loves drawing and fine line ink is her specialism, although she also works in other mediums like charcoal, pastel and paint. She gets her ideas from stories, songs, nature and animals, inspired by the Peak District where she lives. Find out more here.

Natalie Kaciubskyj, Operational Manager – Natalie was born in Manchester and brought up in an Italian/Ukrainian household; finding her heritage to be her biggest inspiration. She is also a director of a community interest company which aims to connect individuals in creative ways; Find out more here.

Michael Palowski,Regional Development and Events Manager – Mike left a career in finance in order to follow his dream to set up a clothing company where he designs and hand screen-prints graphic T-shirts. He is also an advocate for sustainable practices in the fashion industry and you can check out and buy his T-shirts here

James Ventre, Artist – James graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2017, and now works in Manchester continuing his painting practise based around creating large scale abstract landscapes. Find out more here.