Our COVID-Secure Measures

Updated 13 July 2021: COVID-Secure measures following 19 July unlocking

Throughout the pandemic, PopUp Painting has taken every necessary and recommended step to keep customers and our team safe. While we acknowledge that the Government has confirmed we will be heading to step four on the roadmap from 19 July, we will continue to take a number of steps to keep everyone attending and working at our events safe and help rebuild people’s confidence.

From 19 July those steps will include:

  • continuing to adopt some capacity constraints at our venues, particularly in less well-ventilated venues. We will continue to keep our capacity constrained to about two-thirds (up from circa fifty percent)
  • continue to seat guests from separate bookings apart from each other in less well-ventilated venues. Where venues are well ventilated we will begin to sit people opposite each other again
  • we will continue to use anti-viral wipes and cleaning equipment. However, we will re-introduce our re-usable aprons and palette books (as surface transmission is considered a low risk)
  • we will continue to recommend that our team wear visors or face masks when in close proximity to guests
  • we will continue to ask guests to sign in with the NHS Track and Trace system at venues
  • guests should also continue to respectfully comply with whatever systems or requirements our partner venues may have in place

If people have particular requirements or concerns we kindly ask that they write to us at info@popuppainting.com.


The Steps We’re Taking To Bring You COVID-Secure Events in Step 3 of the Roadmap

Following the Government’s 5 April update on the Roadmap out of Lockdown, we are pleased to confirm that we expect to return to events from 20 May 2021. This will be in line with the guidance laid out in Step 3 of the Government’s Roadmap, which is currently set to take effect “not before 17 May”.

In brief, the rules in Step 3 will enable us to run events in a COVID-Secure manner (details on this below), so long as bookings are restricted to the rule of six / two households. Unlike the end of 2020, the roadmap does not split the country into tiers. The following therefore applies to events right across the UK.

Our procedures are outlined in full below. This document will continue to be updated as further guidance and best practice becomes apparent. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at info@popuppainting.com with the subject “COVID-Secure”.

Venues and Capacity

Over the past eight years we have worked with dozens of excellent venues across the UK and enjoyed strong working relationships with them. Our partner venues are re-opening at different times and will be operating under national and local authority guidance.

You can find out more about each of our partner venues’ COVID-Secure measures via their websites. (These are linked on our affiliates page, popuppainting.com/affiliates and also on each individual event page for the appropriate venue).

To ensure we are COVID-Secure we have remodelled our capacity for each venue – typically reducing capacity by 40-50% to allow guests to be at least 2m apart, and sat side-by-side rather than opposite (where from different households).

Previously our events have had space to enable guests to walk around. During this period, we ask that guests remain seated wherever possible during our events. We will bring paint and water to you, and ask that you do not come to the front to get it yourself. Similarly, our venues may only only operating table service for drinks, which our team will do their best to facilitate where needed.

Please note that you will not be able to book or attend in bookings of more than 6 people (as per the rule of six). In addition bookings can only be accepted where guests are from a maximum of two households. Groups will also not be able to mingle at events. Guests are asked to remain seated for the duration of the event. 

Please make sure that you wear a face mask where required, such as when not eating or drinking in the venue. Please also cooperate with the venue’s and the NHS’ track and trace processes.

Event Operations

We will ensure that doors remain open wherever possible, limiting the amount of contact points that any guest or team member has to come into contact with.

Our COVID-Secure processes include:

  • Ensuring 2m social distance is maintained wherever possible
  • All team members will be wearing face masks or visors and wearing gloves/washin hands regularly
  • Using disposable equipment wherever possible, e.g. replacing palette books with plates, and replacing aprons with disposable aprons. Guests are welcome to bring their own aprons if they have them.
  • Ensuring effective cleaning – e.g. our paintbrushes, easels and table coverings will go through a wash and additional disinfectant process
  • Cups and napkins continue to be disposable. Water in cups will now be changed at the same table as the guest, preventing the cups from being passed to different guests
  • We will no longer have a sign up form at events. People will instead be given ‘stay in touch’ cards or a QR code to opt-in to updates and receive photos
  • Music will be kept quieter throughout the event to reduce the need for raising voices
  • Guests will be asked to put their hand up rather than call out if they need anything
  • Coats and bags will be kept next to guests, rather than in a central place

Team, Training and Safeguarding

All PopUp Painting team members have undergone COVID-Secure training as a prerequisite to returning to work. All team members have been trained in appropriate set up, delivery, and clean down of events to ensure a COVID-Secure event.

Team members will be asked to report any symptoms of COVID-19, or if they have been in contact with anyone with symptoms. At risk team members or team members who have displayed symptoms, or come into contact with those who have, are asked not to work.

Anybody displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at our events will be asked to leave.

If it becomes apparent after the event that there have been any risks of transmission, all attendees will be contacted urgently to notify them of this. PopUp Painting will comply with all requirements under any Track & Trace scheme.

Cancellation policies

As in the past, whenever it is not possible or safe for a PopUp Painting event to be delivered – due to lockdowns, contamination of venues, incapacitation of entire teams – all booked guests will be entitled to a full refund or transfer.

Guests must not attend if they display COVID-19 symptoms, or they risk transmitting COVID-19 to others.

Our standard cancellation policy requires more than 7 days notice before the start time of an event for a full refund or transfer and 5-7 days notice before start time for a full transfer.

Where guests have been instructed to self-isolate, are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or have come into contact with those who have COVID-19 symptoms, we will consider refunds or transfers with more than 72 hours notice before the start time of an event.We trust guests not to abuse this policy, and reserve the right to ask for evidence and charge a cancellation fee (up to £10 per person).

Where guests are unable to attend with less than 72 hours notice, we recommend guests give their tickets to friends or family. There is no charge for moving tickets into somebody else’s name.

PopUp Painting reserves the right to apply a £10 admin fee for ticket transfers to another event.

If you have any questions or require further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@popuppainting.com.