Corporate Events

Helping your team unleash creativity and innovation! Facebook, Google, LinkedIn have done it – It’s your turn!

PopUp Painting believe in the power of creativity, both as beneficial to our personal well-being and as vital to businesses and organisations to stay innovative and ahead of the game.

Collaborative Canvases!

Our corporate events are perfect for bringing your team out of their comfort zones to aid innovation.

Our artist facilitators will guide your team, who will work in smaller groups or individuals through a painting of your choice.
The Collaborative Canvas works best for small groups of up to 16-20.
As an individual you can work on your own canvas that get’s combined to produce a larger picture.

Alternatively, in large groups you can paint a bigger, communal canvas reflecting your companies values, and strategic context.

Social Painting Event!

Taking the format of our public events, these are perfect for team-building, parties, or away days.

Everyone will get their own canvas, paints, and brushes while being guided by one of our art facilitators through a painting or image of your choice (though guests can paint whatever they like!).

Pst. We’ve done this in Parliament too 😉

All of our events are highly customisable. From venue to timing to painting and discussion pieces, we will work with you to help you achieve your goals for your event.

As a Pop-Up company, we can operate anywhere that suits you. Whether that’s in your office, a bar or restaurant, (we can help arrange an event in a partner venue) and whether that’s in London or beyond. Please send all your enquiries to