Group photo from Paint Marilyn Monroe, Urban Meadow

Photos from Paint Marilyn Monroe! at Urban Meadow

  PopUp Painting returned to Urban Meadow for another night of social painting! Guided by practicing artist Barbora Brezakova, our guests (who aren’t artists themselves!) painted their own impressions of this gorgeous pop-art styled Marilyn Monroe painting! With a 60s playlist, and in Urban Meadow‘s fantastic bar and restaurant, this was a great night of […]

What we’ve just discovered

Apparently the gap between eyes is about the size of an eye! Did you know that? We’re currently at The Holly Bush, Hampstead, painting Audrey Hepburn!

Now that Autumn’s making itself felt…

Now that Autumn’s making itself felt…

Now that Autumn’s starting to make itself felt, you might be looking for more indoors based activities! We hear that PopUp Painting events are one of the best new things to do in London, whatever the weather! With events almost every day of the week, and a range of themes from French Impressionism to Banksy, […]

PopUp Painting at Chiswick Business Park for EnoyWork’s Artistic License!

EnjoyWork invited PopUp Painting to Chiswick Business Park on Friday for their Artistic License event! Alongside other creative entertainment companies (such as mask making, and mug designing) PopUp Painting helped people on the business park unleash their creativity! With designs like Banksy’s Flower Thrower and Girl with Balloon, and Andy Warhol’s Flowers, our team helped […]

On Sunday it will be TWO YEARS since the London 2012 Olympic Games

On Sunday it will be TWO YEARS since the London 2012 Olympic Games

On Sunday it will be two years since the London 2012 Olympic Games. Are you getting into the Commonwealth games? Check out the video below to remind yourself of the BEST BITS of the London 2012 Olympic Games.     PopUp Painting events are social painting experiences; making art accessible to everyone by bringing it […]

Some truly mind-bending designs

The objects you’re about to see below don’t really exist. That’s not to say that they’re CGI products. They’re ‘perspective-localised designs‘. Created by Swiss artist Felice Varini, they will puzzle you at first! Head over to for the full explanation of how Varini achieved it!     Can you figure it out? Head over […]

#OnThisDay – Emmeline Pankhurst’s 151st Birthday

Today marks the 151st anniversary of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurt’s birth. Pankhurst was a dedicated campaigner for women’s right to vote.     Via BBC History: Emmeline Goulden was born on 14 July 1858 in Manchester into a family with a tradition of radical politics. In 1879, she married Richard Pankhurst, a lawyer and supporter of […]

Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup!

Congratulations to Germany for winning the World Cup!

Following Germany’s 7-1 triumph over Brazil, was it really a surprise that Germany won the final? How do you feel about Germany as Champions of the World? We’ve been seeing this image everywhere! Perhaps Angela Merkel would like a PopUp Painting event themed around this picture…   PopUp Painting events are social painting experiences; making […]

Happy Independence Day!

In the run up to Independence Day this week, we’ve been celebrating American Art – from 1930s gothic style, to pop art, even to the dollar bill! PopUp Painting is a social painting, or ‘sip n’ paint’ business, an idea which comes from the US, so we love American holidays! To celebrate, we’re running a […]

#ComicBookWeek with PopUp Painting!

#ComicBookWeek with PopUp Painting!

Comics are a fantastic source of popular art. With bright colours, bold edges, and text bubbles, comics have a really distinct style. Comics are also, despite their artistic quality, typically not aimed at fellow artists or art enthusiasts, and are (like PopUp Painting’s events!) accessible to everyone, regardless of their artistic ability. To start #ComicBookWeek, […]

This week with PopUp Painting…

Today is England’s first match (against Italy) in the World Cup following the Opening Ceremony on Thursday. To commemorate the World Cup, we chose a Brazilian artist, Tom Veiga, as our Artist of the Week. His work is described as “surf art” and is you can really see the colour and the shape of the […]