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5 LGBTQ+ artists you might not know about

You've probably heard about Andy Warhol and David Hockney, but art history has so many more LGBTQ+ artists you might not have heard of yet. Here are five we think you should definitely get to know. 1.Marie Laurencin was a prominent French artist known for her distinctive contributions to the world of art in the early [...]

Save 20% as we gear up for Galentine’s and Valentine’s

Don't miss out on our spectacular 24-hour flash sale this February, just in time to make your Galentine's and Valentine's plans! For a limited time only, enjoy a dazzling 20% off with the discount code "KlimtKiss20". Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Gustav Klimt's artistry while sipping on your favorite beverages. Coupon is valid [...]

Not another Barbie movie review…

Not another Barbie Review! I don't think there is much left to say that hasn't already been said about the Barbie film. But I am still basking in all its perfectly sound tracked glory. What a hilarious and vibrant comment on modern society, toxic masculinity and not to mention the heroine’s journey Arc Barbie experiences [...]
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Black Friday Special

Black Friday is here, and your favourite sip and paint experience is getting in on the action! 2022 has been a tough year - for small businesses like ours, as well as for everyday people. We've got special offers on painting and wine experiences across the country. Save 15% on the selected events below with [...]
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PopUp Painting on BBC Radio London

On Monday night, Gareth joined Alice Dale on BBC Radio London. They talked about PopUp Painting's nine years of unleashing creativity, setting up The London Art Bar, and mental health and running. Have a listen!

Mid-Winter Exhibition – Thursday 11 February

This coming Thursday the PopUp Painting team will be hosting a Mid-Winter exhibition over on Instagram, in our Instagram stories. Join us from 7PM on Thursday 11 February, as we take you on a tour exploring a fantastic mix of old-masters and up-and-coming contemporary talent. To access the exhibition just head to our Instagram page [...]
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How to unleash your creativity in 2021

Unleashing your creativity can be a challenge – even at the best of times. Check out our 9 tips to help reignite and unleash your creativity!

The Art of the Civil Rights Movement

Originally published January 2018. When thinking about the Civil Rights Movement it is often photography and news footage from this period that dominate our visual thinking. These images succinctly capture the brutality of the offences committed against protesters but also the unfaltering resilience and determination for equality. The power of such images has meant that […]