11 years of Unleashing Creativity

Painting and Prosecco, PopUp Painting, selfie group photo

11 years of Unleashing Creativity

A very happy 11th birthday to PopUp Painting!🎂💜

11 years is such a long time, and it’s been such an interesting 11 years. When we first started back in 2013 ‘sip and paint’ was a totally obscure concept in the UK. Just over a decade later, we’re now the leading company in an active industry, having painted with approaching 100,000 people ourselves, with tens of thousands more having painted with others. We also have our own bar, The London Art Bar, now!

That’s not been the only change, of course. The coronavirus pandemic, the cost of living crisis, global shipping disruptions – it’s amazing how so much of what happens in our ‘small business’ reflects what is happening around the world.

Lots has stayed the same too. We’re still all about unleashing creativity – wine glass in one hand, paintbrush in the other – no experience needed! We’re still all about bringing art out of the classroom and gallery, into the places people meet on an everyday basis. And we still think that with a little bit of guidance and encouragement, people are capable of so much (and that isn’t just about painting!).

So thank you to the team, guests, suppliers, partner venues, and friends who have helped us get this for.


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