Artist Spotlight – Jess Cheetham

Artist Spotlight – Jess Cheetham

Have you ever been inspired to paint but didn’t have a canvas handy? Are you an artist without a gallery to hang your artwork in?

Well, look no further. you can be your own living artwork!

Check out Jessica Cheetham for inspiration;  she uses her own face and body to create charming, humerus, and imaginative artworks.  Wanting to bridge the gap between the artist and the receiver, she believes that art is something that should be interacted with and immersed in rather than observed.

Using the body as a canvas anything is possible. You can be an Avatar in the morning, have lunch with Liechtenstein and go to bed with a Klimt’s kiss.

‘I love the impermanence of working this way, it helps remind me to be present to the magic of creating as it will soon be washed away.’

So grab a mirror or the person next to you and get painting… step into a new character, a new you, and have fun! Also, check out her abstract work and art direction.. on track to be creating alternate universes.