Our Poppy Themed Events 2021

Our Poppy Themed Events 2021

Remembrance Day this year falls on Thursday 11th November with Remembrance Sunday being the 14th, here at PopUp Painting we like to honour this time of year by painting some beautiful poppy paintings at our events. Our calendar will have painting by Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and, PopUp Painting artist, Annie Dalton.


This November, we have four poppy events in London. All four events will be taking place at the home of PopUp Painting, the London Art Bar. On Thursday 11th November you will be able to paint Van Gogh’s Fields of Poppies, on Saturday 13th November we’ll be painting Annie’s Dalton’s Poppy Life, on Sunday 14th you will be able to paint Monet’s Poppy Fields and enjoy a cream tea included in the ticket price. Then finally, on Thursday 18th there will be another chance to paint Annie Dalton’s beautiful poppy painting.

Paint Van Gogh! Holborn

Paint Poppies! Holborn

Paint Monet + Cream Tea! Holborn

Paint Poppies! Holborn



For those of you who live in Birmingham there will be two opportunities to paint poppies this November. Our first event will fall on Sunday 7th November at Rose Villa Tavern where you can paint Van Gogh’s Field of Poppies. Then on Friday 12th November at the wonderful JuJu’s you can paint Annie Dalton’s Poppy Life painting.

Paint Van Gogh! Birmingham

Paint Poppies! Birmingham


We will be holding our poppy event in Manchester on two occasions. On Thursday 11th November at the Hyatt Regency, guests can paint Annie’ Dalton’s Poppy Life. Then on Remembrance Sunday at Seven Bro7her’s Beerhouse in Ancoats, Manchester. At this event we will be painting, Van Gogh’s bold and expressive Field of Poppies painting.

Paint Poppies! Manchester

Paint Van Gogh! Manchester


We will be hosting our poppy event in Leeds on Thursday 4th November at Brasserie Blanc where we’ll be painting Monet’s iconic Poppy Field painting.

Paint Monet’s Poppies! Leeds


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