How to scare your colleagues at work this Halloween

How to scare your colleagues at work this Halloween

What’s Halloween without some wickery and trickery (and maybe resorting to your 12 year old self?). For those of you back at the office we’ve compiled a list of tricks and treats to scare your colleagues at work… you lucky things!

Play sounds of creepy sounds and place in a nearby drawer

Classic schoolboy trick. Find a Youtube video (or record some yourself) of creepy scratching sounds, pop on your phone and hide in a draw near your colleagues desk. For best results, start the sounds quieter and more infrequent, then ramp up! Bonus points to act like you can’t hear them yourself.

Mirror Writing

Only really works in a steamy environment – so if you have workplace showers or if you have a shiny surface above where the kettle is in the kitchen.  Use a soap bar to write a creepy message on the mirror, then once the surface steams up your message will be revealed – clever, huh?

Fake Hair

You’ll need an office with moveable ceiling tiles – where you can poke part of a wig or hair extension in and let the hair hang down (feel free to add fake blood) – whoever is first to turn the lights on in this room will be sure to get a fright!

Head in the Jar

Chose a photo of someone (maybe your unwitting victim) – zoom in on their face and print off. Pop into a jar with vaseline around the inside of the jar – enough so you can still see the photo but so the image is warped. Pop it into the workplace fridge and wait for a scream.

Spider in the Tea Caddy

I hope you’re enjoying how literal these trick names are? So for Spider in the Tea Caddy you get a fake spider and pop into the tea caddy – but the smart part is using some thread or fishing wire to tie the spider and stick the other end of the wire to the top of the caddy lid. This will cause the spider to ‘jump’ out once the tea caddy is opened.

 So we hope this blog ensures your colleagues have a very spooky Halloween (and you have a very entertaining one!). If you do use one of these tricks, let us know how this went in the comment section of this blog. Remember, just try not to get fired though! If you want more Halloween fun read our blog on 7 Things you Never Knew about Halloween!


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