How To Manage your First Team at Work

How To Manage your First Team at Work

Are you a newly appointed manager? Looking to revitalise your team management skills? Wherever you are in your journey, managing people can always be tricky. That applies in events and the arts as much as anywhere else! Here are a few nifty tips we’ve found to help you manage your team successfully at work.

Lead by Example/ Get Your Hands Dirty

Once being a manager it’s easy just to delegate and not do certain jobs yourself. Employees will have more respect if they see you do some of less glamorous roles regardless of the industry you are in. This will avoid resentment of you appearing to be having an ‘easier’ time. This will also remind you on how demanding it is to do certain jobs, enabling you to empathise better and understand how much work is to be expected of everyone.

One to Ones

Having one to ones with members of your team gives your team a great opportunity to express their opinions of work at the moment. This will give them the confidence that you care and you want to listen and make work as good for them as possible. Remember to ask your team what can be done to make their role more fulfilling and and simply ask if they’re OK.

Have Fun

This is especially important in high pressured jobs – arranging times whether its team building or just having a chat with your team about things that aren’t work related can do wonders to boost morale. This enables your team to maintain friendships at work and therefor will feel more connected with the company.

Be Consistent but not stubborn

No one wants to work for someone who changes their mind at the drop of a hat – so make sure you’re consistent with your plans and with what you expect from your team. Make sure you’re also extremely clear with instructions – you can’t expect people to read your mind. But saying this, have your ear to the ground and reflect on what is actually working for your team and what isn’t, and be open to change the latter.

Remember to say Thank You

One of the main reasons for employees leaving a company, is lack of appreciation. This alone just shows the importance of saying thank you once a job is done, after a meeting or just even if they make you a cup of tea. If a job has been done well, make sure you tell your team member.

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