How to have a great night at PopUp Painting with your Bestie

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How to have a great night at PopUp Painting with your Bestie

National friendship day is 30th July so what better way to celebrate than taking your besties to a PopUp Painting event! Here’s a few tips to make sure you have the best night ever.

Think about what sort of night you want

Do you want to be singing your heart out to some catchy songs whilst painting something bold and bright? Then we recommend our Pop Art events (accompanied by a banging 1960s playlist) or a street art event. If you’d prefer something more chilled whilst sipping on a nice wine, try a french impressionist event.

Don’t take it too seriously!

PopUp Painting is all about fun! Don’t worry if you’re doing something right or wrong, it’s all about escapism. So don’t take the session too seriously, follow the artist’s instructions as much or as little as you like.

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Take loads of photos

Remember to capture the development of your painting as the night goes on! Also take a photo with you and your bestie during the night, with your masterpieces as well (obvs).

Don’t put your paint brush in your wine glass!

We luckily have not had this happen at an event so far – but it’s a risky game! Make sure you keep your wine and paint water separate so there’s no danger of ruining your wine.

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Swap your canvases at the end of the event

What better way to than to gift (or burden) your bestie with your own canvas at the end of the night and vice versa!

Have a drink at the end of the event while your canvas dries

At most our events there is still time to have a drink once the painting is finished before the bar calls last orders. So pop your canvas down, have a drink and allow the paint to dry before you make your way home.

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