The Successful Dating Profile Photo Formula.. As Told By Artists

The Successful Dating Profile Photo Formula.. As Told By Artists

These days, a whopping one in three people now find love from online dating. Whether you are a Tinder, Bumble or Grinder user – a very simple formula seems to be emerging that is said to lead to better success on the said App. We’ve asked some of our Artist friends to help demonstrate the perfect dating profile photographs.

The Selfie

Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear – Vincent Van Gogh

The Selfie is something that Van Gogh practiced many times in his career. To meet a potential partner? Perhaps not. But if he was looking to meet someone, he sadly missed a trick as 95% daters agree that this makes someone appear more attractive and sadly Vincent never smiled in any of his self-portraits.

The also say things covering the face such as sun glasses prove to be less inviting so perhaps Vincent should have perhaps skipped out the bandaged ear as well…

The Full Length-er

Sir John Reynolds – John Musters

Apparently daters like to see the whole picture – so dating profiles which include a photo of the full length of the body tend to be more successful.

Personally, we love the regal poses of British and American Grand Manner Portraits from the 1700s. Pop on your best evening jacket, find a grassy mound and glaze longingly into the distance. – you’ll be inundated with potential suiters!

The One with all the Friends

The Last Supper – Leonardo Di Vinci

Simply put, a potential partner generally likes to see that you have friends. This is why the photo with all the friends has become integral to anyone’s dating profile. Not only does this demonstrate you are easy to get on with, potential suiters can see if they will fit in with your crowd. Want to do one better than friends, do a Jesus and have a photograph with you and your disciples .

The Action Shot

The Dammed Cast into Hell – Luca Signorelli

Whether you are a sky-diving adrenaline junky , enjoy a long hike or love a good naked battle against the devil – this is your opportunity to demonstrate your most interesting hobbies. 9 in 10 people find adventurous photos to be appealing. In addition to this, studies say that people find photos of people in fitness gear more attractive, so you can score double points in this photo.

The Sensitivity Shot

The Legend Of The Parrot – Valentine Cameron Prinsep

Everyone loves someone who cares – and what better way to show you do other than with your furry (or feathered) friend! Give them a cuddle, looking lovingly into their eyes – cuter the better for this one. 88% of daters have said than people with animals make great profile photos. Animals can be swapped for a baby or small child in this photo, but they don’t have as much of a high success rate.

The Holiday Snap

The Skiff – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

With the holiday snap you get demonstrate what sort of place you like to travel and to show you’re well travelled at the same time. This again, can be paired with another activity to demonstrate your adventurous side (or do a Renoir and capture a relaxing boat ride instead).

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