So, You’ve never been to a PopUp Painting event?

Laughing at event with drinks

So, You’ve never been to a PopUp Painting event?

Here at Popup Painting we hear so many questions from people who have never been to one of our events. And we get it, painting in a pub? It’s not the most common combination but over the years we have painted with over 50,000 people! So if you’re intrigued, but want to know more – please read on. Here, we hope to paint a better picture for you on what PopUp Painting is all about.

Woman smiling and painting

Where did the idea of PopUp Painting originate from?

The Sip and Paint industry has been booming  in the States since the noughties, but the UK was slow on the uptake. It was in 2013, where PopUp Painting’s founders, Phyllissa and Gareth sampled an event across the pond. As non-artists themselves, they loved the concept and how accessible it made painting to people who haven’t done it since school. Phyllissa and Gareth nabbed the idea, put their own spin on it, and PopUp Painting was born.

But I haven’t Painted Since School?

This event is exactly for you, a qualified artist will guide you step by step through a painting – from how to mix colours to which paint brush to use. The paintings are broken down in to the most simple steps possible. But at the same time, there is no pressure to follow the artists guidance – you are free to go as off-piste!

Laughing at event with drinks

On the other hand, if you are an experienced painter, you will still enjoy the evening. What makes our events standout from a standard painting class, is the atmosphere. There will be a themed playlist to compliment the painting, and the drinks will be flowing. If you’re experienced in the arts, you may not learn anything new but the night will be fun, energetic and entertaining.

So talk me through what I can expect during an event?

Our events are in bars and restaurants across the UK, so the setup will slightly different depending on the venue. But when you arrive at your event, you will be welcomed by an artist or another ember of staff. You will be asked to chose your seat while we wait for other guests to arrive. If you haven’t already – this is your chance to grab a drink from the bar.

Once it’s time to start, the operational lead and artist will talk you through basic housekeeping, the painting itself and any other information. Once everyone is equipped with paint, it’s time to start painting! The music will playing as the event goes on. The painting will stop for drink and dry time, for guests to get another beverage from the bar and to allow the paintings to dry. Painting will resume until the end of the event, then the evening will end with a group photograph, then you are free to take your canvas home!

PopUp Painting over the years has been very popular for dates and getting together with friends. We’ve also noticed it’s the sort of event where people can go alone, as the environment makes it easy to meet new people.

Woman laughing at painting event

So what sort of paintings do you do?

We do a range of paintings – some by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet and Banksy, but we also do a few of our own paintings, You can see examples of our themes here.

What do other people say?

Well, you’ve heard enough from us, let’s hear what other people have to say on the topic.

‘Phyllissa and her team were brilliant. They come in and set up in record time, have a great range of themes to choose from. I’ve enjoyed the Van Gogh and Banksy events and loved every minute. It’s so much fun to compare your art work with your group of friends. They ran a hen do for me and it was brilliant. It’s a laid back, informal environment and you get to learn some handy painting tips! I’ll definitely be going again. Thanks guys!’ Alex, Public and private events

‘PopUp Painting gave us a superb afternoon as part of our away day. They were extremely helpful, accommodating and flexible which meant we got the event that was just right for our team. Annie, Charlotte and Gareth created a relaxed, open and fun atmosphere where no artistic ability was needed – although some were surprised to discover they had more than they thought!‘ Anna, Corporate event

Artist leading PopUp Painting event, painting is Van Gogh's Starry Night

‘I had such a great time at my first PopUp Painting event that I had to book another one straight after!  A relaxed environment with a friendly mix of people just painting and chatting. This is for any one at any age with any experience of painting.  The lovely art facilitators help you step by step and a cheeky glass of Prosecco really helps the paint process too!’ Roxanne

‘Putting the fun at the heart of fundraising! It can be difficult sometimes to find ideas or organise fundraising events which are going to be both fun and an effective fundraiser – PopUp Painting certainly tick both boxes. Phyllissa and the team make the whole experience very easy and I think that shows in how much everyone enjoyed the event. A huge thank you from me for your support of the Nine for Nicky campaign and I can’t wait for the next one!’ Oli, Fundraising event

This sounds great, how do I book?

You can book on to a public event by looking at our diary of events, or to run a corporate, fundraiser or private event, please go here.

Any other questions? Please read through our FAQs or feel free to contact us.



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