How To Use Zoom – a brief guide in paintings

how to use zoom popup painting

How To Use Zoom – a brief guide in paintings

It’s no secret that Zoom has been a massive help to everyone since the first lockdown. It has become a great tool for friends and family to meet up in groups to do online activities or just simply chit chat. Not to mention, for companies that didn’t know about Zoom, certainly do now. It has allowed them to continue working and communicate on an easy, reliable platform. Whilst it has massive benefits there is no denying that video calling can take it’s toll. Here’s our (not too serious) how to use Zoom tips through paintings. Enjoy!

1 – Join the Zoom video call with a smile and say hello!

2 – Wait for others to arrive. This  may take some time…

3 – Be sure to play with your massive feather pen. So it looks like you are paying attention and doing the work.

4 – Freak out because your internet may have dropped and booted you out of Zoom! Don’t worry it usually lets you back in.

5 – Try and spot the one who looks as bored as you!  Send them a private message to joke about it. Just don’t  get  busted!

6 –  You’ve zoned out because you forgot to eat beforehand, the meeting is going on longer than planed and you are now turning into food.

7 – Sigh with relief that the meeting is over.


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