Rainbows in Windows in Support of the NHS

During your daily walks you may have noticed Rainbow's popping up in people's windows. This symbol started in Wales earlier this week and has spread across the rest of the UK and the purpose is to display support of the NHS workers during these difficult times. Some of our team's children got involved with this [...]

Why Isolation is like (a really crap) Christmas

Pretty much most the world is going through these strange times, all our schedules have been tuned upside down. But through all this madness, we couldn’t help but feel there is something slightly familiar with our lifestyles? Could it be that it feels like Christmas? We worked out why self-isolation feels just like a really […]

The Best Ways to get your Creative Fix during Lockdown

Missing Art Galleries? The Theatre? Well never fear, we’ve made a list of the best ways to get your creative fix during Lockdown. The Tate Modern’s Andy Warhol Virtual Exhibition This is a great informative short video that discusses Warhol’s life and shows some of the pieces included in the exhibition. The Andy Warhol Exhibition […]

10 Tips on How To Work From Home

Remote working is the new 9 – 5, and how are you coping? Well, if you’re struggling, don’t feel bad, it’s just not for everyone. Read our tips to make the whole experience less painful. 1. Wear your indoor shoes during office hours This clever trick will ensure you don’t relax too much, and keep […]

10 Films to Watch During Lockdown

Movie nights have become a regular thing as of yet, strangely. Here’s a list of great movies to watch during lockdown. Rear Window, 1954 A Hitchcock classic which sees an adventure-loving photographer with a broken leg stuck in his apartment with nothing to do but gaze out the window. Seemingly harmless pastime until he notices […]

What’s In – Your Complete Guide of Activities during Isolation

As you may have heard, PopUp Painting launched their first ever online event last week! We had a brilliant time, and will be doing this twice a week for the foreseeable future. In celebration of this, we thought we’d compile a list of the best events to get involved in when you’re self-isolating. Theatre There […]

Best Online Games to Play when stuck at home

Bored of quizzes? We've got you! We've compiled a list of the best online games to play during Lockdown.   1. Skribbl Skribbl is a fun multiplayer drawing game. Each player is given three choices of things to draw, and then using their best Paint skills they have to get the other members to guess. [...]

Some Positive Discoveries I have made During Lockdown

During these strange times, it’s very easy to focus on the negatives. But spending the last few weeks in lockdown, I have certainly had time to reflect on life. This is something I would normally say I’m ‘too busy’ to do. But thoughtout the sadness of these times, I can’t help but notice there have […]

Fun Activities to do with Housemates during Lockdown

Need to mix up your Lockdown Saturday nights? Here’s a few ideas to keep you and your housemates busy! Wine Tasting Raid your local supermarket and buy a collection of the small wine bottles they have on offer, make sure each bottle is a different type of wine. Accompany this with a range of different […]

What YOU Told us about your Social Habits

A couple of months back we sent out a questionnaire asking about your social habits, and we were delighted when 200 of you filled it out for us. The reason why we decided to do this is because we’ve noticed a change in the way people spend their money, certainly shifting from buying materials things […]