9 Team Building Ideas

9 Team Building Ideas

Team Building no longer has to be sitting in the office playing various versions of Who Am I. Team building can be exciting and employees can actually learn a new skill! We’ve looked far and wide and found some of the best team building ideas ever.

Cooking Classes

Get your team out of the office, and get them cooking! This is a great way to spruce up a team meal, get everyone to make their own. During the session, normally led by an establish chef, participants will learn something new. Then once they spent the evening grafting away, they can eat what they’ve created.

Escape Room

Put your team’s detective skills to the test! Book them into to an escape room where they can use their intuition to crack the clues set out. Lots of fun and also stimulates team building.

Cocktail Master Class

Definitely one for a Friday! Get a professional mixologist to teach your team the skill of blending different flavours with spirits. It can be quite the art and different way to do the standard work drinks.

Scavenger Hunt

Get the team out and around town! This is essentially a mature version of a treasure map, write clues that link to a famous place or landmark in the local area. The end location can be a pub for team drinks after the scavenger hunt. They can learn about the area, work as a team and have fun all at the same time.

Two Truths and a Lie

This simple yet amusing game is get to fit into any type of team building activity. Ask participants to say three things about themselves, two being true, one being a lie. This can be done in the office, or over work drinks or dinner.

Axe Throwing

This is great for the more adventurous team. This is really something original for employees to enjoy together. The are tons of axe throwing venues across cities, which teach guests (safely) how to throw an axe in a fun environment. This can really tap into employees competitive spirits.

Flight Club

Flight club is a range of bars that offer dart boards. The appearance of the bars are spectacular with most boasting Victorian funfair decor. Theres a variety of simple dart games to play with video playbacks of the highlights from the game.


Crazy Golf is no longer something purely for a day trip by the coast – Swingers has brought this activity to the city and has made it bling-ier than ever! Neon lights, bizarre holes – get your team down for an afternoon of fun.

PopUp Painting

Get your team to unleash their creativity at a PopUp Painting event. Chose a painting, and follow the simple instructions as a qualified artist guides you through the stages of creation. This is not an art class, this is a social painting experience – the session allow guests to have ‘playtime’ once again. Corporate events are available in person and online.

Artist leading PopUp Painting event, painting is Van Gogh's Starry Night

Any great team building ideas we’ve forgotten? Please let us know in comments!


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