10 Festive Things to do whilst Self Isolating this Christmas

10 Festive Things to do whilst Self Isolating this Christmas

This may be our strangest Christmas yet, and many of us will be homebound for a while before we can see our loved ones for the big day. So to stop you all rom getting bored, we’ve complied a list of activities to keep you occupied whilst self isolating for Christmas. Here’s our list of 10 festive things to do whilst self isolating this Christmas.

1. Do a Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

You will see that a big emphasis of these recommended activites will to be avoid screen time as much as possible. Completing a jigsaw puzzle with a Victorian Christmas scene will transport you back to an old fashioned Christmas instantly. A jigsaw puzzle is so relaxing, so pop on some carols, make yourself a hot chocolate and complete a puzzle. Just remember, corners first!

2. Listen to a Christmas Audio Book

There are so many Christmas classic stories, and let’s face it, normally at this time of year, things are so busy we never listen to them. If you’re self isolating this season, sit by the tree, pop on a few candles and listen to a Christmas story. Obviously, Charles Dickins’ A Christmas Carol is an absolute classic. But I highly recommend, Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Mystery of the Christmas Pudding and Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness: The 12 Clues of Christmas – both fantastic Christmas mysteries to sink your teeth into.

3. Build a Gingerbread House

Yes, maybe one more for this kids, but even if you don’t have any Children – Christmas is about doing for a trip down memory lane. Have a go at creating a Gingerbread House – you can either be ambitious and create the gingerbread from scratch or purchase a set that can the biscuit is already made.

4. Christmas Cocktail Night

Self Isolation may be the perfect time to clear out that those old liqeurs you never touch. Find a spirit, and research some festive recipes to turn it into something truly delicious. Just remember to drink responsibly.

5. Create a Christmas Wreath

Head into the garden and pick some evergreen foliage, pinecones and winterberries and create your own Christmas wreath. You can either purchase a hoop to tie the foliage on, or create your own hoop from tying branches into a circle for a more rustic approach. Use twine to attach the foliage, hang on your door and you’re done!

6. Make an a Garland from Dried Oranges

The reason why I love creating orange garlands for Christmas is the gorgeous smell it creates during the drying process. Slice some oranges (make sure you do this the ‘pretty’ way so ‘through’ the segments, rather than the same direction [see photo]), pop them on to some baking paper, and bake on a VERY low heat for 4-5 hours, turning over regularly. Once completely dried out, let the pieces cool down, then create garlands or decorations using twine.

7. Bake

This is the season to bake! And with a huge array of festive treats to chose from, this can keep you occupied for days! Try making a Victorian Christmas pudding, or if baking isn’t your strong point – try some non-bake cheese cakes.

8. Reach out to Old Friends

Christmas is a time for reflection and showing people you care. This year many people would have spent it feeling very lonely. Why not sit by the fire and write a few letters to some people you’ve lost touch with over the years? It will feel great to do, and mean the world to the recipient.

9. Winter Solistice Celebrations

The 21st December is the shortest day of the year – why not celebrate the days getting longer? Stonehenge is going live where you can watch the sunset on 20th December or sunrise on the 21st. Embrace the darkness of the day by making your home cosy and lighting lots of candles.

10. Make Christmas Candles

Candles are relatively simple to make – and you can create scented candles with Christmas spices you’ll have in the home. Mix in cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg or Vanilla Exact (or all 4!) and pour into your vessel. Once cooled down you can decorate the jar with some Christmas decorations.


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