Benefits of Connection of the Workplace

Benefits of Connection of the Workplace

For a majority, office work has looked a little different this year. It is brilliant to see how many businesses have managed to pivot their daily routine to adapt to the changes, but we can’t forget the importance of connection of the workplace and what we can do during this current climate to maintain it.

1. Motivation

There is no denying in person connection can motivate employees in the office. Having an office with a lot of energy, can really encourage colleagues to work harder on their ‘off’ days.

During Lockdown: Arrange informal coffee mornings over Zoom, these can be based loosely on work but just allow employees to enjoy each others company. This year has been very lonely for many people, so just making sure your team still interacts can be so important.

2. Community

The sense of community can really make a workplace. An office that workers feel happy to start work each day can be invaluable for workplace morale. You can never be sure of people’s home situations – some people are unable to see anyone outside of work so companionship from the workplace is very important.

During Lockdown: You can send employees care packages or hampers, and get everyone to open them up together when on a Zoom call. An act to demonstrate to employees that you understand this situation isn’t ideal. Also ask if anyone wants to run any entertainment for the rest of the office, workplaces have done online DJ sets, games and more to keep the sense of togetherness during these times.

3. Energy

The office can have a certain type of buzz about it – whether this is when the team is working on a new project or before Friday night drinks. colleagues bouncing ideas off each other can really encourage a new sort of drive from employees.

During Lockdown: Try to arrange some fun activities to do online, whether these are drinks, quizzes or if you’re looking for something different you can arrange an online PopUp Painting corporate event here.

4. Inspiration

Working with a dedicated team who are achieving so much can be really inspirational. This can increase commitment to the company and motivate everyone.

During Lockdown: Remember to focus personal and team commitments – good news may be not be spread due to the lack of communication. Take time to send out a newsletter to the team to discuss positive achievements the company has experienced recently. In times like this it is easy to focus purely on the negatives.


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