6 Online Team Building Ideas

6 Online Team Building Ideas

After a year of uncertainty, one thing does seem to be certain; remote working will start to become the new normal. Working from home will have many benefits for a a team; people tend to work harder whilst working remotely, employees will be less tired from commuting and there will be fewer expenses of running office spaces. However, this is at the sacrifice of losing team connections. In a remote working world, this may mean team building is even more vital than ever. We have some unique ideas on how to build the bond whilst working separately.

1. Online Gig

Yes! These are a thing now! Why not spruce up the Friday afterwork drinks on zoom with a virtual gig? Either organise with a local band you may know, or Sofar Sounds is a company that can arrange this for you.

2. Escape Room

What better way to exercise team building than a game that requires problem solving skills? This this great for smaller teams, we recommend 6-10 people per a game. Get the group together on Zoom, all with access to another device so they can play whilst chatting. You can support a small business by buying an Escape Room package off Etsy.

3. Team Talent Showcase

Many employees will have hobbies and interests outside of the workplace which can be fun to showcase (I’m going to avoid using the term ‘talent show’ here). So perhaps arrange online events around these? I’ve seen many workplaces were people put on lunchtime DJ sets on Twitch, or virtual art exhibitions were organised. It’s great for colleagues to see another side of each other outside of work.

4. Weekly Game session

Keeping a weekly team building time, with changing activities can be great to keep employees interested in the team building. Try online quizzes, Scribl, Who Am I, Charades – anything you can think of!

5. Team Movie Night

This may be something to consider if work has been particularly stressful as of late. Your team may not be in the mood to be getting competitive by playing games – downtime may be better received. Chose a great blockbuster, arrange a watch party on Netflix and all unwind together with a cup of tea. You’ll be surprised how beneficial it is for the team to have downtime together.

6. Online Painting Event

Yes! You may have not heard yet, but we are now running PopUp Painting corporate events online. If you’d like your team to unleash their creativity, paint brush in one hand, wine glass in the other – look no further! You can chose a painting to complete from our online diary. Get an art kit sent to your team, and all meet on Zoom while one of our qualified artists leads you through a painting in a fun, lighthearted manner. It’s great to create something together as a team, even if you can’t do it in the same room!


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