November 2020

Benefits of Creative Thinking as a Team

The benefits of creativity are endless. However, not every workplace or job naturally has creativity as part of its daily routine. If you work in a more academically centred career, spend sometime to make sure yourself and colleagues are getting as much freedom as possible to be creative. Here is why it benefits to think […]

The PopUp Painting Gift Guide

With Christmas being just a few weeks away, it’s time to think about that Christmas shopping!This year has been incredibly difficult for all small businesses especially. The PopUp Painting team is made up of dozen’s of artists who create a range of unique products and we’ve got a great selection of unique gift ideas below […]

Benefits of Connection of the Workplace

For a majority, office work has looked a little different this year. It is brilliant to see how many businesses have managed to pivot their daily routine to adapt to the changes, but we can’t forget the importance of connection of the workplace and what we can do during this current climate to maintain it.

Lockdown update

All PopUp Painting events through to 2 December have been cancelled. We will be contacting all booked guests imminently.