How to have a Halloween with all the treats but no tricks

How to have a Halloween with all the treats but no tricks

It’s no surprise that Halloween will be a little different this year. No Halloween parties, no trick or treaters. But never fear, here’s a list of ideas to keep your Halloween fun and Covid-Secure all at the same time.

The Pumpkin Trail

Instead of trick or treating this year, lots of local communities are creating a Pumpkin Trail. This way children can still dress up and wander the streets on Halloween, but instead of knocking on people’s doors, they keep their eyes peeled for pumpkins in windows. Every time they spot a pumpkin their parents or guardian will give them a sweet. Have a look to see if this is taking place in your area, if not, why not spread the word?

Halloween Movie Marathon

Something a pandemic can’t stop! Pick your favourite three horror movies, select your favourite snacks and some wine, pop on a candle and get cosy!

Bake some Autumnal Snacks

Whether this is a pumpkin pie or some cinnamon rolls – get in the kitchen, put some tunes on and start baking! Try your hand at making your own pastry if you’re feeling ambitious, or get some ready made if you don’t fancy the challenge.

Make some Halloween Candles

Nothing makes a house equally spooky and cosy like candles – so why not try making your own? Select some scents, and get making your own autumnal candles. We recommend pumpkin, apple and cinnamon scents. Recycle some old jars and use these as vessels. Extra points for grabbing a sharpie and decorating the jar with some Halloweeny images,

Listen to a Scary Story Audio Book

Let’s admit it, this year has been very screen heavy, so why not listen rather than watch? Turn off the lights, sit by your pumpkin and listen to a scary story audiobook. We recommend Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Better still, gather with your household and take turns to tell stories.

Make Homemade Decorations

Depending on whether you have children or not, this can go in two different directions. If you have kids, get some chalk pens and get decorating the windows with drawings of pumpkins, witches, full moons and haunted houses. If you’re looking for some more sophisticated decor – how about making your own Autumnal wreath? Go for a walk, collect a few branches which have dashes of red, orange and brown then use some twine fix into a wreath. Tie some ribbon to the top and attach to your front door, and hey presto, you’re done! You can also collect pine cones and conkers to adorn fireplaces and window sills.

Play a Creepy Board Game

Again, we’re making another nod towards screen free time after the year we’ve had. Get cosy on a dark evening and play a game of Cluedo or Mysterium to get in the spooky mood.

Do a Murder Mystery Online

This is a fun way to meet up with your friends and family over Zoom and to take a break from the usual online quiz. There’s a range of games to chose from, chose what characters people will be, send them their invites – get people to dress up and see them over the webcam to work out whodunnit.

Get your Tarot Read Online

Depending on your beliefs, this could be a bit of fun, or something to predict what may be happening over the next few months. There are plenty of Tarot readers still working online now they can’t work in person.

Host a Virtual Halloween Party

Ok, we know this won’t be as good as an actual party, but Halloween is on a Saturday this year so it would be rude not to try. Invite your guests, have a competition for the best fancy dress, get everyone to create a creepy cocktail, have pumpkin carving competitions and put on a Halloween music quiz. We promise it won’t be too shabby.

Go to a Creepy Painting Event

Yes! We’re still running our events and they’re all Covid secure. So come along to Paint The Scream to our Halloween music playlist! Drink, paint and get spooky!

Go Pumpkin Picking

Head to your local pumpkin patch, roam the autumnal fields and pick out the best looking pumpkin for carving later. Remember to look up a few pumpkin recipes do the insides don’t go to waste! What better way to spend a sunny Autumn afternoon.

Look for the Full Moon

So this year, not only do we have a full moon on Halloween. This is also a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the second moon in a calendar month (hence the expression once in a blue moon). Gaze out your window to see if you can see it this Halloween.

Any other idea’s? Please let us no in comments. We hope you have a great covid secure Halloween!



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