Why Isolation is like (a really crap) Christmas

Why Isolation is like (a really crap) Christmas

Pretty much most the world is going through these strange times, all our schedules have been tuned upside down. But through all this madness, we couldn’t help but feel there is something slightly familiar with our lifestyles? Could it be that it feels like Christmas?

We worked out why self-isolation feels just like a really crap Christmas:

1. The Queen is making a speech.

Surely she only does this on one day of the year?

2. We have no idea what day of the week it is.

What’s the difference between a Saturday and a Wednesday these days? Nothing!

3. There are huge queues in the supermarkets.

Shelves are empty and the queues are big, except this time, there’s a struggle to get toilet paper rather than the prize Turkey.

4. We’re going for a Boxing Day walk (every day)

That strange quiet walk you go out for every Boxing Day, is being repeated almost daily, except this time you’re alone, and you stay far away from any other passers by.

5. The city centre is deserted

The only time of year that the ‘Big Smoke’ isn’t rammed with crowds and people is Christmas…. so we thought!

6. Hampers are getting delivered to people’s doors.

But instead of posh cheeses, chutneys and wine there’s fruit and veg in mine.

7. We’re playing a lot of board games

Another round of scrabble anyone?

8. We’re only hanging out with the people in our homes.

…Another round of Scrabble anyone?

9. We’re eating a lot of carbs

As we haven’t been to the supermarket for a few days, fresh fruit and veg is a rare treat. Whereas I’ve eaten pasta for breakfast for three days in a row now.

10. We’re watching a lot of movies

Who else has completed Netflix?

11. It suddenly feels acceptable to have a Gin and Tonic during a Tuesday lunchtime..

With a chaser from one of those random bottles of liquor that have been on the shelf for years.

And that’s it! We hope you’re enjoying your Crapmas as much as us! Stay safe everyone.

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