What YOU Told us about your Social Habits

What YOU Told us about your Social Habits

A couple of months back we sent out a questionnaire asking about your social habits, and we were delighted when 200 of you filled it out for us.

The reason why we decided to do this is because we’ve noticed a change in the way people spend their money, certainly shifting from buying materials things to wanting to get experiences with their money. We’ve also seen a change in people spending less on ‘big nights out’ and spending more in the experience economy.

Here are some of the interesting things we found out;

People tend to go out less often

63% of participants go out between 0-5 a month, whereas 26% go out 5-10 times a month, only 1% go out over 20 times a month.

Food hasn’t gone out of fashion

Dinner seemed to be the most popular thing to do for a night out with 93% of you saying thats how you’d like to spend an evening.

The next most popular forms of entertainment were Drinks (69%), Theatre and Concerts (68%) and Cinema (69%).

When we decided to break it down: 100% of 18-24yrs said they go out for drinks often. Whereas the older our participants got the lower this number became (albeit, still a majority). 69% of 25-35yrs, 62% 35-44yrs, 59% of 55-64yrs and 50% of people of 65yrs said they went for drinks.

60 participants said they liked to do workshops when they go out, the profile for these people tended to be female, likes to go out 0-10 times a month, and most likely to spend under £100 on a night out. 

The rise in experience events

There seems to be a higher interest in experience economy events with 11% said they go to lectures, 23% partaking in immersive experiences and 30% who said they often like to do workshops. This is in comparison to only 8% saying they liked to go clubbing. 

Who still goes clubbing?

We found this really interesting! Just under one third of 18-24yrs said they did this. Then above 25yrs there wasn’t a huge drop in percentage of who liked to hit the dance floor! 12% of 25-34yrs, 7% of 35-44yrs and 8% of 45-54yrs said they like to go clubbing.

55% of the people who said the went clubbing were 25-34yrs. Then 16% were either 18-24yrs or 45-54yrs! 11% were 35-44yrs

How much are you willing to spend on a night out?

On going out almost 50% of you said you spend under £50, and 36% saying you regularly spend between £50-£100. 7% of participants said they spend over £200

People Who Spent Under £50 on a night out.

This was interesting as spending less on a night out seemed to be more common amongst our younger and old participants. With 72% of 18-24yrs and 64% of over 65yrs stating this applied to them.

52% of 25-34yrs, 45% of 35-44yrs, 37% of 45-54yrs and 44% 55-64yrs said they spent under £50 on a night out.

It is worth noting that 45% of the people we asked were 25-34yrs, and 7% were over 65.

People Who Spend Over £200 on a night out.

This mirrored our results for people spending under £50 quite well. 0% of 18-24yrs and Over 65yrs said this applied to them. Whereas 7% of 25-34yrs, 10% 35-44yrs, 11% 45-54yrs and 5% of 55-64yrs said this applied to them.

42% who responded in our survey over £200 were 24-34

To spend money on going out or on material things?

When we asked you what you’re most likely to spend your money on, 50% said you’d rather spend money on going out, 21% on material things and 28% said you spend an equal amount of money on both. 

The breakdown of people who spend most their money on going out:

The strong preference to spend money on going out was consistent in every ages group. 25-34yrs seemed to be the group that preferred to spend money on experience with 61% saying this statement applied to them. Only a third of 55yrs-64yrs said this is how they spend their money.

You’re most likely to go out with friends or partners.

The two most common people to go out with were a group of friends (68%) and partner (62%)

14% of you said you like to go out alone. 

Socialising is the main reason to go out.

A huge 86% of you said socialising was one of the main reasons why you go out, and 70% said it was to relax. 

56% Said to learn something new was an incentive for you to go out

How do you hear of things to do?

68% Of you said you hear of things to do via word of mouth, with 54% said Facebook was a useful way of hearing about events with Instagram just behind with 43%. 39% of you said Google.

Money is a big factor to prevent you going out

57% of you said lack of finances was a reason why you wouldn’t go out. With 44% said you’re often too tired, and 43% said work commitments hold you back. A quarter of you said you sometime just rather stay at home, 24% said the weather was a factor. 

15% Said you didn’t go out if you struggled to find something of interest to do

And where do you get your news?

77% of you said you got your news from BBC, with the Guardian being the second most favourite paper with 31% reading it. 

Who filled out our questionnaire?

A majority of our participants worked in the Healthcare, Finance, Education and Creative industries. 

83% indentified as being a woman.

43% were between the ages of 25-34yrs, 18% 55-64yrs.

Thank you to everyone who partook in our questionnaire, we hope to see you at a PopUp Painting event soon.


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