The Best Ways to get your Creative Fix during Lockdown

The Best Ways to get your Creative Fix during Lockdown

Missing Art Galleries? The Theatre? Well never fear, we’ve made a list of the best ways to get your creative fix during Lockdown.

The Tate Modern’s Andy Warhol Virtual Exhibition

This is a great informative short video that discusses Warhol’s life and shows some of the pieces included in the exhibition. The Andy Warhol Exhibition was set to open in March at the Tate, but never did as Lockdown began, so this is a brilliant (and convenient) way to get a feel for the show.

Visit Monet’s Garden

Monet’s Garden in Giverny inspired over 250 of Claude Monet’s Waterlily paintings. This video shows the pure beauty of the garden, after watching you may feel inspired to get the paints out yourself!

Visit Frida Karhlo’s House

Think GoogleMaps StreetView but in a beautiful Mexican home and this is what you get. Navigate yourself around Frida Kahlo’s colourful home, admiring many of her artworks and paintings along the way.

The V&A Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk Virtual Exhibition

Any V&A Exhibition is absolutely breath-taking, and this show proves to be no different. The actual exhibition is postponed, so there may be a small chance that we’ll be able to visit once life is back to normal. But for now, this is a fantastic, in depth tour of the show. There are 6 videos of the exhibition so make sure you watch them all.

The Globe Theatre Plays

Like many other theatre companies, the Globe Theatre are steaming many of their most popular plays. Watch the likes of Romeo & Juliet to A Winter’s Tale for free here.

PopUp Painting Online Parties

We imagine you’re missing your favourite creative night out, so here at PopUp Painting we’ve answered your wishes and have gone online! You can join us on Zoom for the most interactive, creative online party there is. Make sure you book your place here.

PopUp Painting Live

And for those of you who have never done a PopUp Painting event, our Live events are a perfect opportunity to get a little taster of what we’re about. Grab any art supplies you may have and join in. You can see our calendar of upcoming events here or watch a previous event on our Youtube channel.

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the best ways to get your Creative Fix during Lockdown. If we’ve missed anything, please let us know in comments!


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