Some Positive Discoveries I have made During Lockdown

Some Positive Discoveries I have made During Lockdown

During these strange times, it’s very easy to focus on the negatives. But spending the last few weeks in lockdown, I have certainly had time to reflect on life. This is something I would normally say I’m ‘too busy’ to do. But thoughtout the sadness of these times, I can’t help but notice there have been some wonderful positives emerging.

I’ve Reached out to old friends

Not only have I had time to reach out to, but I have regularly spoken to old friends. Friends from school, university and old jobs – who I normally just send a quick birthday message to once a year have become some the many people I speak to on a daily basis.

I’ve discovered new open spaces close to me

Just a 10 minute walk away from my flat, there’s this woodland with a church that I always thought I’d pop into when I first passed it – this was 5 year ago. Two weeks ago, I finally ventured into what I thought was a small open space to discover extensive woodlands and panoramic views of London. It was absolutely breathtaking. I have now endeavoured to explore nearby open spaces at least once a week during my daily exercise – and my discoveries have not seized to impress me.

I’ve thought about my spending

Being one of the 5 million Self-Employed people in the UK, I had the joy of seeing my income evaporate within a matter of days back in March. Since then, I have been fortunate to adapt my business to remote working, albeit earning a lot less but able able to cover bills. Despite this huge pay cut, I have managed to save more money than ever. This has made me evaluate the way I spend money in ‘normal’ life. I’m now making sure I save money properly, and have set up direct debits to charities so my money goes to more worthwhile places.

I appreciate spring

Have you noticed the blossoming trees? And the bluebells! I’m pretty sure I spend most my time gazing out of the window looking at nature at the moment. During my walks I notice the smell of blossoming flowers. I don’t think I’ll ever take for grantage of the changing of seasons ever again.

I realise the importance of ‘me time’

It has been surprisingly easy to fill the days, which makes me realise how much I was overdoing things before lockdown. I was constantly tired, often skipped meals as I was too busy and hadn’t even looked at a book in months. Now, on a daily basis I am making sure I get at least 8 hours sleep, eat three good meals a day and make sure I take part in at least one screen-free activity a day. The benefits are amazing – I haven’t had a bad nights sleep in weeks, I have more energy and my mood generally is very good despite the current circumstances.

I’ve learnt a new skill

I love scented candles, but with all the time being spent indoors and with having to be careful about my expenditure, it was something I thought I’d have to cut back on. Until I thought about making the candles myself. I have recycled old candles vessels and jars from cooking and got making!

I will appreciate freedom much more

Having these restrictions just makes one realise how much we took for guarantage before. The freedom to visit family and friends, to travel, even just to go for a spontaneous drink – this will be throughly appreciated in the future.

The Sense of Community

It is true, we are all in this together. The sense of community has been quite incredible, who doesn’t get emotional after the NHS clap every Thursday? So many people are out there doing good deeds to support anyone in need. The scary circumstances has really made everyone look out for each other.

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