Rainbows in Windows in Support of the NHS

Rainbows in Windows in Support of the NHS

During your daily walks you may have noticed Rainbow’s popping up in people’s windows. This symbol started in Wales earlier this week and has spread across the rest of the UK and the purpose is to display support of the NHS workers during these difficult times.

Some of our team’s children got involved with this homage.

One of our artist’s, Lizzie created this beautiful rainbow in her window with tissue paper with her children. The use of tissue paper allows the light to shine through, creating a rainbow illusion on the inside of the home – AMAZING!

Whereas from our team up in Manchester, artist Natalie and family covered their front door in lots of rainbow hearts – So beautiful and positive!

Then across in Cornwall, we have a member of our Marketing team and artist, Laura’s nephew decorating a window in lots of small rainbows which messages such as ‘stay safe’.

It’s so lovely to see these little snapshots of positivity in these uncertain times.

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