Isolation Dating Terms

Isolation Dating Terms

There’s a lot of modern dating terms floating around out there…we’ve all heard of ghosting, cuffing and bread crumbing, right? But isolation and social distancing has put a whole new spin on things!

Here is a list of just a few of the modern dating trends emerging from lockdown…

ADAPTING: Finding new ways to get to know each other- like having that first date over video chat… at least you can just hang up if it gets awkward?!

RESTRICTING: Pretending you only allow yourself a small social media window in your daily lockdown routine to keep them at arms- length.

PARASITING: When you find someone to chat to online just to alleviate the lockdown boredom, then dump them the second you can go out again.

OVERSHARING: Massively oversharing with a total stranger, because these are strange times and suddenly the lines of what is appropriate have become blurred.

DODGING: coming up with as many excuses as you can for as long as physically possible to avoid video calling, because you haven’t washed your hair or got out of your pyjamas in a week.

ANGLING: Social media stalking your friends, friends so you can line up a few potentials for when we are all free to socialise again, without actually joining a dating app.

SPOUSE FISHING: Posting daily videos of your cleaning and cooking prowess so that everyone can see what great husband/wife material you are.

RECYCLING: Attempting to reconnect with your exes (often under the disguise of an apology because you’ve been ‘doing some soul searching’) either out of boredom, or because social distancing has got you confusing missing human contact with missing them…

BACKTRACKING: Revisiting all those Tinder matches you weren’t bothered about before… but after a fortnight of no human contact they suddenly seem more appealing.

If you’re planning to try ‘Adapting’ check out our blog on How to Escape a Zoom Date just in case!

Can you think of any more? Let us know!


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