How to Escape a Zoom Date

How to Escape a Zoom Date

As Zoom Date’s have quickly replaced the classic
‘Drinks in a pub’ we’d thought we’d help you out when it’s time to say goodbye during a Zoom meet up, but you just don’t know how.

Here are our (not) tried
and tested tips to escape a Zoom date:

1 – Flick your video on and off and pretend you have a bad connection. Pair this with mouthing words to indicate audio issues.

2 – Say you’ve heard your local supermarket is having a toilet roll delivery and you must go there immediately.

4 – Claim your battery is about to go and you are unable to charge it due to your cat chewing the power cable

5 – Say it’s your bedtime no matter what time it is

6 – Pretend someone is calling you and you must go

7 – Say it’s time for the daily Covid-19 Conference… even if it’s 9am

8 – You need to urgently go to the toilet

9 – Switch your WiFi on and off. Come back 10 minutes later with a message ’sorry WiFi cut out’ and never speak to them again…

10 – Stop moving and pretend your screen has frozen

11 – ‘I fell in the garden and I can no longer sit on my bottom for long periods at a time’ … might work?

12 – Run off shouting that there’s a fire in your home

13 – Get the cat to jump up infront of you and claim they’ve spilt coffee on the computer 

Any other ideas? Please let us know.

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