Fun Activities to do with Housemates during Lockdown

Fun Activities to do with Housemates during Lockdown

Need to mix up your Lockdown Saturday nights? Here’s a few ideas to keep you and your housemates busy!

Wine Tasting

Raid your local supermarket and buy a collection of the small wine bottles they have on offer, make sure each bottle is a different type of wine. Accompany this with a range of different snacks such as cheese, chocolate, cured meats. Once you are all stocked up, head to Wine Folly to learn the steps of wine tasting. The website provides print-outs and tasting notes on every type of wine so you can read up on what you’re trying as you go. If you’re not a drinker you can try Tea Tasting.

Bingo Night

There are a few ways to coordinate this. One is to buy a a bingo kit, and get someone to be the caller, and alas, the night is there! Retro fancy dress is recommended for this evening! If you are unable to source your own kit, there are plenty of online sites you can play and enter the same ‘room’ as your housemates.

Murder Mystery

Get yourself a Murder Mystery game (we recommend Inspector McClue). These come in the form of either a physical game or you can find downloadable ones online. Murder Mysteries are the ultimate escapism as everyone is assigned a character. Make sure you theme the evening completely from costumes, to drinks to meals. Then spend the night trying to work out whodunnit!


Had all your festivals cancelled this year? Well, why do’t you host your own Glasto-home-bury? Get some old Glastonbury headliner gigs on the screen, pop on your best Festival wears, open a warm beer and start partying? All the fun, and less of the mud.

Spa Night

Ok, this may sound pretty similar to a teenage sleepover, but hey, why not! Wack out the manicure sets, the facemarks, pop on a trashy movie and spend the evening just indulging.

Paint Party

Join us for one of our popular Online Parties! Grab anything you have from around the house to paint with, or treat yourself to one of our Art Kits. Pop on one of our themed playlists and get painting! A fun evening and you may have masterpieces to decorate your home with!

Have you got any more ideas for fun activities to do with housemates during Lockdown? Let us know in the comments!


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