7 Paintings that sum up Life in Lockdown

7 Paintings that sum up Life in Lockdown

Did these artists foresee Lockdown? Probably not, but we’re enjoying how apt they are for these strange times. Here’s 7 paintings that sum up life in lockdown.

Edvard Munch – The Scream

Enough said. But please note the social distancing between the front and back figures.

Vincent Van Gogh – Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Those DIY haircuts can be dangerous you know, just ask our mate Vincent.

Vincent Van Gogh – The Potato Eaters

Sums up the family eating another meal together, sporting the strange lockdown outfits we’ve all been become so accustomed to.

Henry Fuseli – The Nightmare

Is anyone else having the super vivid, strange dreams? These guys are yet to turn up in mine though.

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer – Isaac van Amburgh and his Animals

Life goals after watching Tiger King.

Rene Magritte – The Lovers II

Practising safe, Covid-free romance with a partner. Magritte had the right idea.

Eduard von Grützner – A Good Drink

When you realise it’s 6pm and therefor you can have a drink…

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