Valentine’s 2020 with PopUp Painting

Valentine’s 2020 with PopUp Painting

At PopUp Painting we know all about memorable date nights. Among the tens of thousands we’ve painted with over the years, many, many of them have been couples. We’ve seen first dates, third dates, and dates 20 years in!

And as we aim to theme our events as much as possible, holidays like Valentine’s are some of our favourite times of year.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate Galentine’s on the 13th (the best day of the year), Valentine’s on the 14th, or a belated Valentine’s over the weekend – we’ve got a calendar bursting with choice.

And don’t forget – if you can’t make it to any of our events around Valentine’s, don’t worry. Give the gift of creativity for Valentine’s with a PopUp Painting gift voucher, and join us any time later in the year!


Pre-Valentine Parties in Manchester and Leeds

11 Feb – Paint Starry Night over Manchester, Common, Manchester

Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Eve in Oxford, London and Birmingham

13 Feb – Paint Winter Balloon Girl, Sail Loft, Greenwich

13 Feb – Paint London, Megan’s, Chelsea

13 Feb – Paint Klimt, Rosa Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Valentine’s Day across London

14 Feb – Paint Vettriano, Royal Oak, Twickenham

14 Feb – Paint Street Art, Davy’s, Canary Wharf

14 Feb, Paint Klimt, Horniman at Hays, London Bridge

Valentine’s Weekend across London and Birmingham

15 Feb, Paint London, Pitcher & Piano, Bank

15 Feb, Paint Street Art, Pitcher & Piano, Bank

16 Feb, Paint Street Art, Red Peppers, Birmingham

Post-Valentine in Oxford

20 Feb – Paint Klimt, Cape of Good Hope, Oxford


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