Artist Spotlight: Wyland Tondelier

Artist Spotlight: Wyland Tondelier

Wyland is a French national artist and a fashion designer.  

His artistic experience as more than 25 years on stage for fashion and TV shows and he worked with different audiences and different ages. He has exhibited his painting around the world and his work is abroad and in the UK in private collections.   He likes challenges and going outside his comfort zone. He is also an organic jewellery designer.
He is an author and he published 2 french books and a colouring book available on Amazon “Draw me I’m famous”
He uses different mixed media to express himself, like: acrylic, silicone, mastic, essential oils, wire, tee-shirt, tea, coffee, etc…
He transforms spaces and objects, dresses them up with paint or different mediums to give them a new life. 

He also does live performances on tee-shirts or on large canvases by quickly painting upside down.
These moments are filled with lots of energy and emotions while music is on. 

To see more of Wyland’s work click on these links:


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