Artist Spotlight: Natalie Rose

Artist Spotlight: Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose is an artist based in Manchester.

Before I could walk or talk, I drew. I drew everything and anything, what was in front of me or whatever was in my head. Art was by far my favourite subject, hobby and without realising I integrated it into every part of my life, even though I grew up thinking… Where’s Art going to get me!?’’ Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose creates beautiful artwork to inspire. However, her talents do not stop just there, she is also an events co-ordinator, running The Maker’s Market in Manchester.

Natalie Rose’s art takes place in a number of styles from expressive paintings to animated drawings. Natalie is comfortable using a range of mediums from acrylic paint to collage to pencils.

To see more of Natalie’s work, please go to:


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