Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Unger

Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Unger

Alex is a children’s book illustrator working mostly with watercolour

This is a fairly recent shift she has taken, after working 15 years in the fine arts field using performance, sculpture, body cast, oil painting and video as a means of expression.

Having gained an Illustration Diploma at the Accademia dell’Illustrazione e della Comunicazione Visiva of Rome and a BA Fine Arts at Middlesex University in London, she is currently based in London. 

She enjoys blurring the boundaries between reality and abstraction

She has a passion for animals with horns, the forest and the fight against taboos.

More of her works can be seen here

Her book “The Gift – Il Dono” is a fairytale about menstruation and was published by Rapsodia Edizioni in 2018.

More information about it can be found on my news page.



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