2020: The Year of You

2020: The Year of You

We’re pledging to make this year a very special one, The Year of You. In todays society, there is a lot of pressure to live your life by other people’s standards. This is why at PopUp Painting we’re wanting to encourage everyone to make sure they make time for themselves this year.

This year try and make sure you have time to relax, explore more things that you want to do and spend time with the people who are most special to you. Also, if there’s something you want to do but have no one to do it with, don’t let that hold you back. Be confident to go to that class alone or try that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

Don’t spend The Year of You waiting around for someone else, this is your time.

The three things that everyone needs in their life to make sure they have a happy balance is Enjoyment, Connection and Achievement. As the New Year begins, think about how you can make sure you have all three in The Year of You.

We spoke to the rest of the team at PopUp Painting of how they will be celebrating The Year of You. Their ideas may spark some inspiration

‘Try to indulge in the ‘slow’ life’

I spend so much of my time rushing from one place to the next that I never have time for myself. During The Year of You I’d love to dedicate just one afternoon a week to going for a walk, reading or baking. Something where I’m not looking at my phone and can just relax.
Rebecca Hunter, Press and Engagement Manager.

‘Make Time To Read More Than I Do’

Last year I – or this year. I wanted to find time to read ALL of Stephen Kings books. I have done none this year. So why not have it for 2020 – Also need to buy his books!
Annie Dalton, Artist and Marketing Manager.

‘To Do More Things on my Own’

I plan on doing more things by myself, going to the theater, trying pop up restaurants, going on holiday etc. I feel like I keep missing out on things waiting for someone else to be available! 
Laura MacDonald, Artist and Marketing Assistant.

‘To Get More Sleep’

The last few years I’ve had a lot going on, and sleep has fallen to the bottom of my list of priorities. During my year of you I’m going to make sure I make more time to sleep!
Gareth Shelton, Co Founder.

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