10 tips You Can Try To Switch Off From Work

10 tips You Can Try To Switch Off From Work

One of the disadvantages with having Smart Phones in our lives, is that more and more of us are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off from work once we’ve finished. We’ve made a list of ideas to to help you switch off after you finish work.


1 – Switch off your phone

Having just 30 minutes of screen free time will help you relax and switch off from work. If you do return to your phone after this make sure you’ve turned off any notifications for any work emails so this doesn’t distract you.



2 – Take off your outdoor shoes

If you leave your outdoor shoes on, this will keep your mind in a busy and unsettled state. When you’re ready to unwind for the evening, make sure you take them off and pop on a pair of slippers (temperature permitting!)


3 – Have a Bath

You can never go too wrong with a bath! Pop in the bubble bath, some salts, put on some relaxing music and light a few candles. You would have forgotten the day’s stresses within minutes.


4 – Spend time with a pet

It’s no secret that stroking an animal produces a calming effect. When you’re home from work spend 10-15 minutes with your furry friends.



5 – Read Something

This doesn’t always have to mean starting a huge novel (although reading fiction is a great escapism), but even reading a few articles from a magazine or news paper will let the mind calm. Try and avoid reading something to do with your profession – if you’re a stoke broker you don’t want to be reading up on stocks and shares.



6 – Cook a fresh meal

Cooking a meal from scratch involves creativity and will generally use a different skill set from the one you use for work. When we work we often grab ready made sandwiches which don’t contain much nurtients. Cooking with fresh fruit and vegetables is good for your body and will make you feel generally better.



7 – Go for a walk

Try going for a nice walk where there isn’t an end destination, go for a wander to enjoy being out in nature! This will be sure to clear the head and blow away the day’s stresses.


8 – Avoid the booze

Yes, a large glass of merlot does seem very tempting after a long day! But think about the long term effects of alcohol only have a negative effect on the body and mind. Even just one glass of wine can interfere with sleep and leave you feeling groggy for the next day. Try and drink plenty of water instead.


9 – Get creative

Doing something creative is great for relaxing the mind. You don’t need to be a whiz at what you’re making, the process should have great benefits for the mind. Whether it’s knitting, painting, colouring or playing a musical instrument, or and PopUp Painting Live – just enjoy!



10 – Do some exercise

Get the blood pumping and those endorphins released! Whether it’s a game of tennis or a session down the gym. There are a bunch of keep fit apps and Youtube videos – Just go for it!


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