Rise of experience economy brings ‘paint and sip’ to Oxford

Rise of experience economy brings ‘paint and sip’ to Oxford

Reports from Harris Poll and Eventbrite show that millennials are spending more and more of their income on ‘experiences’ (spending over $1 Trillion a year in the industry) over ’things’ – with similar trends in the UK (BBC, Radio 4, Nov 2018). 

As the experience economy takes off, companies like PopUp Painting are expanding across the country. The company, which encourages people to “unleash their creativity – wine glass in one hand, paintbrush in the other” is launching in Oxford this October.


PopUp Painting & Events was launched in 2013 by non-artists with the mission to “bring art out of the classroom and gallery, into the places where people meet on an every day basis”. In that time it has painted with 35,000+ guests and operates in 6 cities across the UK. Its events are led by practicing artists who guide guests (typically non-artists) step by step through a masterpiece in social settings such as bars and restaurants. 

Commenting on the expansion of the ’sip and paint’ concept across the UK, CoFounder and Director of Marketing Gareth Lewis Shelton said:

“Young professionals across the UK are getting bored of the same old afterwork drinks. People are looking more and more for memorable experiences which they can share with the people they care about.

“Lots of people come to our events and pick up a paintbrush for the first time since school, or ever, and it’s really rewarding to see people proud of what they’ve created”.

The company will launch in Oxford on 23 October at The Jericho Tavern, and is on course for a sell out first event. (See details here)

Hannah Litvack, Operational Manager for the new Oxford Team, said:

“I’m really excited to be bringing PopUp Painting to Oxford. Our city is full of young professionals and families looking for new things to do and I know the concept of ’sip and paint’ will go down a storm!”

For further information please contact Gareth Lewis Shelton at gareth@popuppainting.com or on 07512673985.

You can find the full PopUp Painting Press Pack, including photos here


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