6 of the Best Things to do in Notting Hill

6 of the Best Things to do in Notting Hill

Go west this weekend and spend the day in one of the most colourful areas in London. Here are 6 things you shouldn’t miss.

Portabello Road Market

The Portobello Road Market has 1000 sellers every single week making the road into the biggest collection of trinkets you’ve ever seen. You can lose hours looking through vintage maps and antic jewellery.

Notting Hill Bookshop

The Notting Hill Bookshop is the must for any fan of the Notting Hill movie, the interior was the inspiration for the 1999 film. Aside from basically being a film set, it is a wonderful independent bookshop that opened back in 1979. There are so many wonderful and unusual books you can find. If you’re lucky you may even find your very own Hugh Grant.

Graffik Gallery

Graffik Gallery has great collection of street art artists, so this well worth a visit. They also do Graffiti workshops if you fancy getting creative yourself, you can take home your own canvas or you can spray paint their fence!

Notting Hill Arts Club

Notting Hill Arts Club is a late night venue which hosts love music and club nights. The quirky venue has a great atmosphere and often has art exhibitions going on.

Urban Meadow Cafe

If you’re after great food and a lovely view of Hyde Park – then Urban Meadow is the place for you. The bright and airy restaurant sources their food locally and has a great range of beers from London breweries.

Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms is potentially the most photographed pub in London. During Christmas, the entirity of the building is covered in Christmas tress and fairy lights, during the warmer months, the pub is covered in beautiful blossoming flowers.


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