Artists Respond to Brexit

Artists Respond to Brexit

The will we/ won’t we situation with Brexit feels like it’s been going on as long as Rachel and Ross. With the UK’s future still uncertain as we inch nearer to the 31st October we’ve decided to look at artist’s response to Brexit.


Perfectly placed in Dover, where the UK overlooks the mainland of Europe. The mural depicts a metal worker chipping away at one of the stars of the EU flag, letting the broken fragments fall to the ground.

Banksy, the unknown artist is no stranger to politically driven art. There was just a matter of time before Banksy responded to the referendum.

Andra Angeli

Angela Angeli an illustrator and architect created this moving illustration. The United Kingdom flag is depicted as a balloon being cut and blowing away from the other countries in the EU.

Gizem Vural

Gizem Vural has made this energetic illustration of the EU flag, with one of the stars shooting off out of the circle. The star looks like it is travelling at some speed, in a haphazard way. This is perhaps mirroring the lack of control people are feeling around their future.


This mural was created for the Upfest Festival in Bristol, the artwork has Benny Hill saluting and saying good bye to Europe. The mural is comical, perhaps mocking the British cliche the stiff upper lip

J Boy

J Boy is an artist living in London. His artistic reaction to Brexit could be compared to Banksy’s ‘Girl and Balloon’. This is where a young girl has let go of her balloon and she is reaching out to it. This design of Banksy’s has been used to support of a lot of campaigns including the Syrian Refugee Crisis. J Boy has depicted a young girl in a Union Jack flag dress holding on to the string of a deflating ballon with the EU flag on it. The young girl has a look of disappointment across her face and is looking directly at the viewer. Perhaps indicating a sense of blame from the younger generation towards the older.

Have you got an artistic response to Brexit? We’d love to see – please post in comments.


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