Paintings of Edinburgh

Paintings of Edinburgh

August is here, and in Edinburgh, this means one thing; Fringe Festival.

Throughout the month Scotland’s capital is transformed into an explosion of performance and culture from around the globe. To celebrate this year’s Fringe Festival we are going to show you some beautiful paintings of Edinburgh.

Lucy Amanda Art

We begin looking at Lucy Amanda Art and her illustration beautiful of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Amanda capture’s the traditional architecture of the city perfectly with the detail of the brickwork and chimneys. This is contrasted with the vibrancy the bustling crowd from the festival along the street.

Samuel Beckman

Samuel Beckman‘s atmospheric depiction of Edinburgh at night has an unconventional composition due to the detailed areas almost framing the darkness in the middle. Beckman’s layout carries your eye around the the painting instead of leading you to one main focus which makes the viewer appreciate the full beauty of the piece.

Hari Mitrushi

Hari Mitrushi has painted this expressive watercolour of the famous Princess Street in Edinburgh. The fluid strokes blend into each other creating the dreamy morning light struck across the city.

J. W. M. Turner

J. W. M Turner during his travels of Europe made time to capture Edinburgh. This painting is they view of St. Giles Cathedral on Edinburgh High Street. Turner would sketch scenes on site, then return to his studio to create a painting from his recordings. This scene is typical of Turner’ paintings where he captures the sky and light of the location perfectly while the use of people demonstrates day to day life of the scene.

Are there any paintings of Edinburgh we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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