The Best UK Festivals to go to this Summer

The Best UK Festivals to go to this Summer

Is it? could it be? We think Summer is (finally) in the air! And that means it’s time to start booking in those festivals. Here at PopUp Painting we have made a list of the best UK festivals for you all to go to this summer.

Camp Wildfire

Camp Wildfire combines the thrill and fun of a music festival with the learning and curiosity of an Adventure Camp. This Wes Anderson inspired festival gives the guests the chance to enrol in classes during the day (anything from Beekeeping to Swing Dancing to Zombie Runs) then as night falls, the site becomes the best party in a forest you’ve ever been to. 

Camp Wildfire, 30th August – 2nd September, Kent

Shambala Festival

Shambala is an explosion of colour in Northhamptonshire is described as Adventures in Utopia. The festival began with a few Students from Birmingham throwing a party with a couple of porto-loos and a farmers trailer for a stage. This has now developed into a festival filled with music, art and good vibes! 

Shambala, 22nd August – 25th August, Northamptonshire 

Wilderness Festival

Another dreamy place to spend a weekend. Wilderness is a family friendly festival which combines live music, theatre, arts, talks and debates.. and you can also go swimming in the onsite lake! This festival has a relaxed atmosphere during the day, but at night the Wilderness guests do know how to party.

Wilderness Festival, 1st August – 4th August, Oxfordshire

Boomtown Fair

Want a 5 day party which incorporates immersive theatre – well Boomtown is the place for you. Each year is referred to as ‘Chapters’ as the story of Boomtown develops every year with battles between each ‘district’ within the festival. The line-up generally includes a varied mix of DJs and bands, some who are very ‘current’ and others are forgotten gems.

Boomtown Fair, 7th August – 11th August, Hampshire

Don’t fancy going to a music festival this Summer? You can read about great things to do in London here.


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