Chelsea Flower Show artist Spotlight

Chelsea Flower Show artist Spotlight

Chelsea Flower Show this year falls between Tuesday 21st May and Saturday 25th May. This vibrant exhibition of flowers and plants signals the beginning to every gardeners summer. The event takes place in the Royal Hospital Chelsea by the Royal Horticultural Society. To celebrate this annual event, we are looking at emerging artists who use flowers in their artwork.

Claudia Pang is an expressive abstract artist. Pang’s paintings are created more on impulse and emotion rather than observation. This beautiful fluid effect is created with alcohol inks and acrylic paint. Claudia Pang states ‘Nature is something that nowadays has lower connection with. With the technology surrounded, we rarely send time simply enjoying what the nature has provided to us. I’m an artist who love traveling and going into a nature. Through observing flowers, it allows me to capture the vibrant of color and texture to my paintings

Georgina Groocock is an artist who is inspired by flowers and nature, she creates intricate paintings with a natural symmetry. Groocock describes her work as semi-realism with a nod towards illustration. The floral design emerges from a single coloured background, making the plant more striking.

We then move on to Hannah Young of The Custom Botanist. Young create bespoke commissions of people’s wedding bouquets – a beautiful and unique keepsake of your special day. Hannah Young’s style is very delicate and intricate which is created with watercolour and colouring pencils for the finer details.

Flowers are the main focus of Simone Webb‘s beautiful artwork. These delicate paintings are created with acrylic paint and digitally with Photoshop, Webb’s creative process goes back and forth between these two very different mediums until she is happy with the outcome. This results in some beautiful, delicate pieces of art.

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