World Braille Day Artist Spotlight

World Braille Day Artist Spotlight

World Braille day is celebrated on 4th January every year as this is the birthday of Louis Braille.

Louis Braille was born in France in 1809 and became blind after an accident when he was young. At the age of 15 he developed a system to help him read which we now know today as Braille.

World Braille Day is now celebrated across the world as a reminder of the importance of accessibility for people who are visually impaired. So for this artist spotlight we wanted to look at artists who do very that, it was a great experience to see people who work in the visual arts to make their creations accessible to everyone. 

Shahina Jaffer is an abstract artist who uses texture as an important element to her artwork to make it more accessible to the who have a visual impairment

 My work is multisensory largely based on touch. I use a multilayer approach. So those with impaired vision can navigate through the painting feeling different textures. Both smooth and rougher patchs. I’m now doing work to add fragrance as those with impaired vision often have a strong sense of smell.’

Visually, Shahina’s are very striking with bold colours and expression, Shahina says that after the paint is applied to the canvas water is added to create this fluid effect.

To see more examples of Shahina Jaffer’s work, please CLICK HERE.

Daisy Honeybone is a South London jewellery maker who has started to use Braille in her designs.

Honeybone says she got the inspiration for her braille range by chance ‘I was experimenting with soldering gold onto silver and realised that the lumps of gold (if soldered accurately) resembled Braille letters. I was working at the time, as a learning support assistant for a young girl with Down Syndrome and a boy with Autism. The way we communicated wasn’t just verbal, I had to teach in a much more physical way and use Makaton, this awareness of other ways of communication lead me to my Braille projects.’
As a result of this, Daisy Honeybone has created a striking range of necklaces where people can commission a personal piece with a bespoke, secret message. 
To see the whole range of Daisy Honeybone’s jewellery, please go HERE or follow her on INSTAGRAM.

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