Artist Spotlight: Gordon Bruce

Artist Spotlight: Gordon Bruce

Gordon Bruce is an artist from Aberdeen who specializes in oil paintings and watercolours.

The artist studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art, part of Robert Gordon University.

Colour is a very important element in Bruce’s work, the artist uses boldly contrasting colours to capture light and darkness in the scenes he paints.

Gordon Bruce’s paintings are figurative, both in terms of their avoidance of abstraction also by, more often than not, containing the human figure.

The figures in Bruce’s paintings form the focal point in much of his work.

The artist himself admits that ‘I have always been interested in buildings and the lives people live within them’.

Though heavily focused on the human figure, Bruce also creates paintings of sheep and cows, as well as purely landscape-based paintings.

Gordon Bruce lives between Aberdeen and Barcelona where he finds much inspiration for the images he creates.

PopUp Painting is a big fan of Gordon Bruce’s work and is always holding events where you can have a go at painting one of his wonderful works!

Check out our calendar here to find an event near you.

In the meantime keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages where we will post about when you can grab tickets for a Gordon Bruce experience.

Here is a selection of our favourite works by the artist: Have you painted one? Post it and let us know 🙂


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