10 things around the house you can paint with!

10 things around the house you can paint with!

So you’ve run out of paint, want to add texture or simply want to stretch your creativity! Did you know you could paint with these items that are sitting around your house?

1. Coffee

See how to make a coffee painting here! 

2. Food Colouring on Bread!

You can eat this one too!

3. Nail Varnish

Make a marble masterpiece here!

4. Berries

Eat while you paint!

5. Egg Yolk

Painting with egg has been around for years! Keep it going by following how to do it here!

6. Food Colouring, Cornflour and Chalk

Lovely pastel colours! Make them here!

7. Dried up Markers

Don’t throw away those dried up markers! They can be used to make a much cheaper version of watercolour paint! See how to here!

8.Self-raising Flour, Salt and Water

Add food colouring and you have your very own puffy paint! Try it!

9. Turmeric

Not just useful for bring colour to your rice! See how to paint with it here!

10. Washing Up Liquid

You can use a straw and food colouring or follow the instructions here.

Now You Have Used Up All Your Household Paint Items It’s Time To Come And Paint With Us!

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