10 Facts About Colour!

10 Facts About Colour!

Colour plays a vital role in our world. Colour can inspire thinking, change actions, and cause reactions.

It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite! Explore the world of colour with these amazing facts!

1. Red and Yellow Stimulate Hunger!

While blue suppresses hunger!

2. Red is the First Colour a Baby Sees!

Babies start seeing in colour at around 5 months.

3. Pink Can Curb Anger

Prisons often use this colour scheme to calm their inmates.

4. White Is The Safest Car Colour

As they are more visible on the roads.

5. Cow Urine Was Used For Paint Pigment

To make Indian Yellow.  You see..they really do worship cows!

6. Yellow Makes You Dizzy

It can cause nausea so it is avoided in aeroplanes.  It may have affected Van Gogh more than most..!!

7. There Is A Colour You Can’t See

The newly invented Vantablack is so dark it appears to be a black hole!

8. Colour Blind People Have Better Night Vision

Their rods are more responsive to dim light, which makes them useful for night vision.

9. Redheads Are Difficult To Knock Out

They require 20% more anaesthesia than non-redheads!

10. Colours don’t exist! They’re all in your head

Technically, colours are just results when our brains try to make sense of signals it receives from the outside.

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